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  1. Creating an Atmosphere Around Your Hot Tub

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    When it comes to a great hot tub experience, ambience is just as important as water temperature and your bubbling system. To feel truly relaxed you must have a sense of comfort that absorbs every sense. While touch is taken care of with your hot tub, vision and smell are another thing. The steam might clear your sinuses, but nothing’s better than slow wafts of jasmine or evergreen to settle your every nerve. To better enjoy your hot tub, you want to decorate and set a calming mood to your surroundings. Here are our suggestions to making your hot tub a paradise comparable to Eden.


    A great addition to the surrounding area of your hot tub is a collection of plants that give your spa a natural feel while providing settling visual and even some calming aroma. Be careful when choosing your plants, take note to how high a plant will grow and its life cycle. Many plants can grow quite fast and drop leaves year round. Try to avoid plants that might make your hot tub a magnet for dead leaves. Instead, choose plants that have consistent life cycles and grow steadily. We recommend an array of succulents. Succulents need very little maintenance, don’t often shed their leaves, and grow slowly. As well, they’re very easy to trim if ever needed. There are plenty varieties of succulents as well, so any person’s preferences can be satisfied. Although avoid any succulent that may have spikes, sharp points, or spines. Here are a few of our favorite succulents that we would recommend:

    • Aeonium
    • Agave attenuata
    • Crassula
    • Kalanchoe
    • Portulacaria afra
    • Sedum
    • Sempervivum

    Vines are another smart addition to your hot tub area. However, we don’t recommend placing them anywhere near the hot tub. Instead, think of them as a decorative screen that can be used against a fence or near an unflattering viewpoint. Vines can grow very quickly and placing them near your hot tub runs the risk of them growing on and inside you cabinetry. This can cause problems if there are ever any maintenance issues that need to be addressed. Our favorite vines to use at the perimeter of your hot tub area are:

    • Jasmine
    • Honeysuckle
    • Trumpet Vine
    • Orange Trumpet
    • Caerulea Passion Flower


    Another great way to set the mood and make your hot tub area look extra special is lighting. We recommend a subdued light that isn’t too abrasive. Often, the lighting from your hot tub is all you need to set the mood to the night. However, we also recommend an array of candles that can provide a subtle ambience along with a pleasing aroma that helps you relax. Votive candles are often best as they do not provide a strong flame that might distract the eye and can be encased in a larger vase to keep the flame contained. Keep candles at a safe distance though as to not accidentally fall into your hot tub water or cause any unnecessary accidents.


    If your hot tub is indoors or near walls and fence outside, you’ll want to choose colors that help create a calming effect. These colors include soft greens, blues, grays, and whites. Of course, color is a preference to the viewer, so if you feel a certain color makes you feel relaxed, even if it’s bright orange, then use it! Remember, this is your space to find relaxation and serenity, create it to your liking.

    Creating an atmosphere around your hot tub is almost as important as choosing your hot tub. While the decision of how your hot tub area is decorated is solely up to you, ThermoSpas is happy to help you choose the hot tub that’s right for your budget and help you to create your own personal paradise. Contact ThermoSpas today if interested in a purchasing a hot tub, we’d be happy to walk you through the steps and help you find the best possible spa available for you.