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  1. Foamy, Soapy Hot Tub Water: How to Fix

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    Are you experiencing excessive foaming in your spa water? While foam cannot harm you or your spa, it tends to be unattractive and annoying. Luckily, fixing this problem is not hard at all, although finding the source that is causing the foaming may take some time. We’ve listed some steps that you can take to stop your hot tub from excessively foaming below, depending on the cause.

    Rinse off in the shower before you enter the hot tub

    Products that you use on your hair and body can cause the water in your hot tub to become soapy and foamy. Try to thoroughly rinse out your hair and wash your body with water in the shower before you enter the hot tub, so that you remove all of the soap, lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, deodorant and hair gel from your body. If you have long hair, put it up into a ponytail or bun to ensure that no hair products enter the spa’s water.

    Do not wash your swimsuits with detergent

    If you use soap or detergent while washing your swimsuits, soap will end up in your hot tub. The soap will build up in your tub over time and cause the water to foam. You should wash your swimsuits often to keep the water clean, but try washing them with cool water and no soap or detergent. Even if you use a double rinse cycle, rinsing will never wash out all of the detergent from your swimsuit.

    Keep all food and drinks out of the hot tub

    Some food and drinks can cause the water in your tub to foam if you spill them in your hot tub. Try to eat and drink outside of the hot tub if possible. We do understand that drinking and eating a snack in the tub can be relaxing and fun though, so if you do choose to do this, then just try to be careful about spilling and clean up after yourself and others. Also, always make sure to use plastic instead of glass.

    Use high-quality chemicals and do not overuse them

    Buying cheap chemicals will cost you. They usually contain fillers that dilute chemical effectiveness and cause foaming. To keep your water safe, clear, and beautiful, you should buy high-quality chemicals from a trusted hot tub store. ThermoSpas has a great selection of high-quality chemicals available online.

    Even if you purchase high-quality chemicals, they can still cause your hot tub’s water to foam if you use too much. Make sure to follow the instructions on the chemical bottles to make sure that you are adding the correct amount to your hot tub water.

    Clean your hot tub and its filter

    After following all of the instructions above, make sure to drain your hot tub, thoroughly clean it, and add fresh water. This will ensure that your tub will have no leftover soap, lotion, drink, or chemical residue on it. You should make sure to replace your spa’s water every three to four months, as a high amount of dissolved solids in the water can cause foaming.

    Also make sure to clean out your filter at least every three weeks to get rid of residue that may cause excess foaming. To clean, simply remove the filter and spray it with a water hose until the water runs clear. This will help to ensure that the water in your tub runs clear too. Every two to three months, you should do a thorough cleaning of your filter, and every year, you should replace the filter.

    Use an anti-foam product

    If none of the steps above work to eliminate excess foam from your hot tub’s water, using an anti-foam product should do the trick. These products should cause the foam to disappear in a very short period of time. Our Spa Foam Away is an excellent solution to the problem of excess foaming. Make sure to only use a small dosage at a time, as this product uses a very high concentration of active ingredients.

  2. Preparing Your Hot Tub For Summer

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    Summer is coming up quickly, which means sunny days, backyard barbecues, relaxation and lots of spa time. Before you begin using your hot tub daily, it’s important to make sure that you prepare it for heavy usage, especially if you haven’t checked up on in a while. You don’t want to have to be hassling with maintenance problems throughout the summer, so it’s best to make sure everything is working the way it should beforehand.

    Although you should always follow your manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining your hot tub, we’ve got a few tips to help you maintain the longevity of your spa and keep it running smoothly throughout the summer.

    Drain and Clean Your Tub

    Whether you’ve been using your hot tub regularly through the winter and spring season or not, it’s important that you thoroughly clean your tub to create a safe environment for all of the fun you’ll be having in it over the summer months. If you haven’t drained your hot tub in four months or longer, now is the time to do it.

    While your tub is drained, make sure to check the jets, pumps, valves, pipes and filter casings for damage and built up dirt. If you find that any of these parts are damaged, you should replace them or call a technician.

    After you’ve sufficiently dried the tub after draining, use an all purpose cleaner to clean the shell’s surface. To get your tub looking as good as possible in the summer sun, use ThermoGloss to polish the surface. ThermoGloss also creates great protection for the spa’s surface. Once this is completed, fill up your tub up with fresh water.

    Time for Inspection

    You don’t want to have people over to enjoy the hot tub on a sunny day only to have it stop working. Make sure you thoroughly check your hot tub for any cracks, leaks or other damage. Unfortunately, these problems do arise, and it’s important to locate them when they first occur so that they don’t get worse. If you notice any damage or leaks, make sure to do some research, inspect further and call a technician if necessary.

    Check your spa’s filters and the mechanics behind the panels of your tub. After this, fire up the hot tub up and make sure the components and buttons on your control panel and each of the jets are working. If a jet doesn’t work right away, try to open it by twisting on the front face. Also check to make sure that the ozonator, pumps and filters are working properly. It’s important that these work because they help to reduce the amount of maintenance needed in the future. If your filter is dirty, make sure to sufficiently clean or replace it.

    Check Your Chemical Balance

    If you did some spring-cleaning and already drained your spa, cleaned it and refilled it, then it’s a good idea to use testing strips to analyze the chemical balance in your water to make sure that they are at safe levels. You should continue to do this every few days over the summer, as you will probably be using your hot tub often.

    The goal of using chemical strips is to make sure that the alkaline and acid levels are even. If they aren’t, then you can balance them by adding the appropriate chemicals. You may not be able to balance your chemicals perfectly, but as long as you are checking your levels every week and adding chemicals accordingly, you should be fine.

    Cool Down

    Normal hot tub temperatures are perfect for cool summer nights, but you may want to lower the temperature during the day if you live in an extremely warm climate. If you want a relaxing experience in your hot tub during the day, try turning the temperature down to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Anything lower than your average body temperature, which is 98.6 degrees, will feel relaxing, even during the hottest of days.

    If you really want to cool down and transform your hot tub into a “cool tub,” turn the temperature down to 85 degrees or lower. Test the water’s temperature to find the perfect heat for a daytime dip to prepare for backyard parties with friends. Also, try setting up a colorful umbrella next to the hot tub to improve ambience and allow for a break from the sun.

    If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a fun and relaxing summer with your hot tub. Take advantage of the sunny days by spending time in your backyard with friends and family, and spending as much time in the hot tub as possible. If you would like any more maintenance tips or are interested in a check up by one of our ThermoSpas technicians, feel free to contact us.

  3. Cleaning Your Hot Tub Once It’s Drained

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    Hot tub cleaning and maintenance is easy, and even better, most of the duties only need to happen a few times a year. One of the simplest, yet important, cleaning routines is draining and cleaning the shell of your hot tub. Over time, the shell can accumulate scum lines, scale lines, and mineral deposits, depending on your water chemistry. By draining your hot tub and cleaning off the shell, you can help guarantee that your hot tub will last for many years.

    The steps to cleaning your hot tub after it has been drained are simple. First, you’ll need to drain your hot tub. Follow our instructions to doing so in a clean and safe manner, then prepare yourself to clean the surface of the shell.

    Let your hot tub shell dry out as much as possible. Once most of the water has dissipated, take a dry towel and wipe down the shell to absorb any remaining water. You’ll want the shell as dry as possible so you can use your cleaning products to their highest potential.

    You’ll probably need to stand inside the hot tub, to do so, take off your shoes and use a clean pair of socks. You don’t want any unwanted dirt getting inside your tub.

    Next, use ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner. This is a great cleaning product that can be used on your shell’s surface when it is drained, and even on the surface of the shell above the water line when it is filled. Simply spray your shell with the cleaner and wipe clean. For more stubborn areas of deposits, allow ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner to remain on the area for 5 minutes then scrub and rinse with water. Best of all, because it is a natural enzyme, the cleaner will not affect your water’s chemistry, so using it when your hot tub is drained, or when it’s filled, won’t cause any need for alarm.

    It’s a good idea to put some special attention to your jet fixtures. This is where the high powered water is pushed out of the shell to massage your every muscle. It’s important to make sure no scum or mineral deposits get in the way of these powerful jets. To clean, we recommend dampening your rag with ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner and working your hand around the jet. You could also use a small brush (a toothbrush does the trick) to clear out the crevices of the jet. Make sure to be gentle on the jet and surface with any kind of brush though as to not scratch or damage the area.

    Just like waxing a car, next you’ll want to apply a polish that will help protect your hot tub shell by providing a luxurious, durable coating that won’t affect the chemistry of your water. We recommend ThermoSpas own ThermoGloss. An innovative silicone based polish that will bond to the acrylic surface of your hot tub. Use a small amount on a clean rag, and rub it onto an area of your hot tub shell. Let the Thermo Gloss sit for ten minutes, then wipe clean with a separate rag. The result is a beautiful and shining shell that will help prevent scum lines and keep your hot tub looking brand new.

    Cleaning your hot tub shell is as simple as that. No need for overdoing it, and with cleaning only needed every few months, you won’t feel like this is a harrowing chore at all. Instead, it will feel good to give your hot tub a clean start with a shine that glimmers like the first day you bought it.

    For more questions on cleaning your hot tub shell, visit the maintenance section of our blog. If you’re interested in purchasing your own hot tub, contact ThermoSpas today, we’d be happy to help.

  4. Cleaning Your Hot Tub Cover

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    Caring for your hot tub cover will help maintain the condition of your cover for many years. A hot tub cover that is conditioned properly not only helps the aesthetic look of your cover, but can actually make you hot tub a more efficient and energy-saving machine. So how do you clean and care for your hot tub cover? Here are a few easy steps to cleaning your cover.

    First, understand a few key elements to hot tub covers. When investing in a hot tub cover, you’ll want to make sure it’s durable and made to last a long time. Check for heat seals around the fold of the cover, this is the #1 area for heat loss. Make sure your cover has the insulation density that works for the weather your hot tub will need to bear. If you’re in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you’ll need a strong cover that can withstand the cold. Last, make sure your cover is made with vinyl. This is a strong material, that’s water-resistant, and easy to clean.

    Though the vinyl is a great material to ward off all kinds of nasty weather, it still needs to be maintained to ensure the best protection. Think of a car and how you wax the body to keep it extra safe, the same should be done with a hot tub cover.

    • Start by removing all dirt and residue off of your hot tub cover. Make sure to use a cleaner/rag that won’t end up interfering with the chemistry of your hot tub water.
    • Once dirt is removed, make sure your cover is completely dry. Use a towel to wipe off any excess water.
    • Use ThermoSpas multi-purpose cover conditioner to to coat your vinyl. The silicone based protectant helps diffuse the harsh rays of the sun and keeps a thin layer between the vinyl and water.
    • Consider cleaning and conditioning your hot tub every time you also clean your filter.

    You may be surprised to read that’s all there is to keeping your hot tub cover clean and conditioned. Covers are fairly easy when it comes to cleaning yet play a very large role in keeping your hot tub in top shape. For an optimal cover life span, here are a few more tips that can help keep your cover maintained.

    • Leave your hot tub uncovered when you shock your hot tub. This will help protect the cover’s bottom from the chemical vapors that are released during the shocking process.
    • If you live in a snowy area of the country during the winter, try to brush the snow off of your cover periodically to help minimize the wear of the cover.
    • Keep pets, children, or random objects that could puncture the vinyl off the top of your cover.

    Other than that, your cover is a simple puzzle piece to the whole of your hot tub. With the right care, you’ll find your hot tub cover can last for many years and help you save money on energy as it’s the number one defense in locking in the heat of your tub. If you have any more questions about hot tub covers or are interested in purchasing your own hot tub, contact ThermoSpas today, we’d be happy to help.