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  1. The Most Luxurious Destination Spas in America

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    Now that the busy holiday season is over, it’s time to really treat yourself. From getting pampered at an isolated resort in a snowy valley to receiving an oil massage atop a bluff on the California coast, you don’t have to leave the States to find luxury. In just one weekend, watch all of the stress you’ve accumulated throughout the past few months melt away. These are the most Luxurious Destination Spas in North America.

    laguna niguel

    Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel

    Laguna Niguel, California

    Image from Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel

    The Ritz Carlton capitalized on the calming California coast by opening up the first luxury beach resort by the Orange County seaside. Boasting breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, the resort sits on top of a 150 foot bluff and offers comprehensive spa programs to address every guest’s specific needs. Each spa therapy focuses on revitalizing your body, mind and spirit with ocean minerals and healing. It’s self-indulgence at its finest.

    mandarin oriental new york

    Mandarin Oriental, New York

    New York, New York

    Image from Mandarin Oriental, New York

    When it comes to living large, it’s hard to beat the luxuries of The Big Apple. The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, New York offers serenity in the busy city while staying true to its indulgent culture with a range of Eastern-inspired treatments. Along with your therapy, you can wind down into a state of deep relaxation with the spa’s heat and water facilities, and its Oriental Tea lounge. Best of all, you’ll enjoy all this with New York City’s skyline as your backdrop.



    Jackson, Wyoming

    Image from Amangani’s Facebook page

    Some would argue that there’s nothing more peaceful than being surrounded by glistening snow-topped mountains and towering trees. Amangani offers this kind of unique winter oasis and luxury spa experience with panoramic views of Grand Teton National Park. After hitting the ski slopes, you can unwind with a variety of massages, facials and healing therapies in Amangani’s Spa and Fitness Centre. It’s no wonder Amangani means “peaceful home” in the Shoshone language.

    stein eriksen lodge deer valley utah

    Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley

    Park City, Utah

    Image from Stein Eriksen Lodge’s Facebook Page

    Utah’s only Forbes Five Star Spa is quite a sight to see. Inside the 23,000-square-feet spa, you can get pampered with a variety of superlative treatments, including personalized bodywork and Vichy showers. Whether you want to relax in the heated outdoor pool or work on your fitness in an exhilarating Zumba class, the Stein Eriksen Lodge has something for everyone. And after the sun begins to set, you can always retreat to your private suite and take a dip on the hot tub on your deck, overlooking the beautiful Deer Valley.

    We hope you enjoyed learning about these breathtaking spas. Just like these decadent destination spas, ThermoSpas® hot tubs set a new standard for luxury hot tubs. With a ThermoSpas® hot tub, you can pamper yourself everyday of the year in your own backyard. Our hot tubs are custom built for each of our customers, with up to 172 jets. Take a look at our elegant Designer Series line to learn more.


  2. Best Secluded Hot Springs in America

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    Looking for a relaxing and natural spot to hide away this summer? If you’re as big of a hot tub enthusiast as we are, you’ll want to find yourself some of the most secluded hot springs in America.

    The best part about hot springs in America, especially if you want to find one with a little privacy, is that it takes some work to find them. Isn’t that the most rewarding part though? Pushing your body through invigorating hikes, around desert land or a heavy-forested mountain to finally relax in a soothing spring of hot, steaming water that only mother nature could have delivered. All of these American hot springs are open to the public, but take some time to find. A dedicated person, with the desire of a good view and a little privacy will find these hot springs to be right up their alley.

    Montana, Weir Creek Springs

    Our first of the secluded hot springs we love is Montana’s Weir Creek Hot Springs. There’s a 1.5 mile trail just along the Montana and Idaho border that takes you to the secluded rock pool. Take a soak while looking over the Clearwater National Forest. In the winter, when it’s most rewarding to visit it, the pool is not an easy spot to reach. The trail can disappear under snow and ice and you’ll have to do some tricky maneuvering over rocks and the river to find it. But once you dip a toe into the warm waters, you’ll know that the excursion was worth it.

    California, Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs

    Here’s some of the best hot springs you’ll be able to find in America, if you’re allowed up there. Some of the area has closed due to serious volcanic activity. Long Valley Caldera is where you’ll want to try and make it to. The spot rests on top of a volcano and is home to the famous Hot Creek, as well as Hilltop, Crab Cooker, The Tub, Shepherds, and Wild Willy’s, to name a few. If you can find your way up there, don’t miss these amazing hot springs, you won’t have another like it in your life.

    Colorado, Conundrum Hot Springs

    Over 8 miles of hiking to an elevation of 11,200 feet, this hot spring will have your gasping for air when you get there- quite literally. But as well, the scenery will take your breath away. From the hot springs, you’ll be able to look down onto Maroon-Bells Snowmass Wilderness with peaks of mountains scattered among wilderness. For Colorado hot springs, this is the one to check.

    Utah, Mystic Hot Springs

    One of our favorite hot springs in the world resides among the high plains of Utah. While other hot springs are made of natural pools, Mystic Hot Springs were first travertine rock formations which hot water flowed down from. Many years ago, a few residents placed bathtubs beside these travertines to collect the water. Throughout the years, the mineral deposits have formed rock around the tubs for a beautiful sight. Spend a day traveling around the the different tubs in the area to find your favorite, it’ll be a hard choice to make.

    Washington, Olympic Hot Springs

    Along the Elwha River Valley are a collection of hot springs completely uninhabited. For a time, they were developments around the hot springs but they have long vanished and an array of rainforest plants have made the surrounding area its home. To find these secluded hot springs, you’ll have to take a 2.5 mile walk through the forest, but once you find this private spot, you’ll be happy you made the trip.

    If you’re not a big traveler, but still want a secluded spot to take a hot water soak, consider a ThermoSpas hot tub in your house or backyard. While it may not have the breath-taking sights of a mountain-top, the ease and simplicity of walking a few feet to your own private spa will make up for it. Contact ThermoSpas today if you’d like more information on owning your own hot tub, we’d be happy to help.

  3. Our Five Favorite Spas in America

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    While we featured a few of the coolest hot tub spots around the world just recently, which included a few American hotels, there’s a lot more amazing places to visit in America alone. We found a collection of spas in America that are as glamorous as they are relaxing. Follow us now to five of our favorite spas in America.

    The Oaks at Ojai – Ojai, CA

    Ojai is about 80 miles north of Los Angeles and definitely worth the trip. A small yet quaint town with a good attitude and beautiful scenery. The Oaks at Ojai offer some of the most relaxing Spa treatments in California including fitness classes, healthy spa cuisine, and relaxing treatments including their saunas and hot tubs. Of course, if you’re interested in a great soak, Ojai is also known for their wonderfully relaxing hot springs. Make a reservation and travel through the forest to a clearing where you can dip yourself in nature’s own hot tub. Just like a Thermospa hot tub, hot springs help relax muscle and joints and rejuvenate the skin by helping release dead cells. With a package treatment at Oaks of Ojai along with a hot springs dip, you’ll feel more relaxed than an infant cradled in its mother’s arms.

    The Homestead – Hot Springs, VA

    Speaking of Hot Springs, The Homestead has helped men and women relax since the time of our founding fathers. Opened in 1766, Thomas Jefferson was known to be a frequent visitor of this historic hotel. Newly renovated with the launch of Canyon Ranch SpaClub, there is plenty to experience with treatments that will relax your mind. Mineral wraps and herbal scrubs feel amazing after taking a soak in the natural 104 degree hot springs. Spend twenty minutes reviving your muscles and refreshing your skin before returning to the spa’s center for modern and natural treatments to rejuvenate body and soul.

    Miraval Resort – Tucson, AZ

    Here’s a perfect spot to combine a peaceful experience of a spa with the invigorating energy of an exercise routine. Miraval Resort in Tucson’s Santa Catalina mountains combines fitness, spa treatments, hiking, adventure activities, and even special classes like photography to allow a person to recharge their batteries while discovering new adventure. Each guest is given a $130 credit to use toward private classes, exquisite dinners, and even drinks. Their spa and hot tubs are some of the best in the country with classes featuring aqua therapists to help find enlightenment and discover the healing powers of water.

    Terranea – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    What better place to rejuvenate the body and spirit than oceanside in a beautiful and modern resort. Terranea launched just this year and is already one of the hottest spots for Angelenos as well as all of America. With the option of booking small, private bungalows, you can stay for 3 to 7 nights. The retreat comes with a consultation and custom-chosen spa treatments to fill your specific needs. While their saunas and hot tubs can calm your every nerve, don’t underestimate the power of the Pacific and take a dip or go kayaking up the coast.

    Mii Amo Enchantment Resort – Sedona, AZ

    Welcome to Travel+Leisure’s number-one destination spa and resort. Part of the beautiful Sedona deserts, Mii Amo at the Enchantment Resort is the place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. With hour-long treatments that combine the power of guided healing visualization, energy balancing, and massage, anyone who stays here comes back home a different person. A relaxed spa retreat, there are cooking demos, makeup application classes, wine tastings and more. It’s truly an exquisite place to renew yourself.

    Although a few days away at one of these amazing resorts can help rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, what can you do for the other 360 days out of the year?  We suggest considering a Thermospas hot tub for all your relaxation needs. With varying sizes and customizable jets, you can create the perfect spa in your own house or patio. Let the warm water and active bubbles sooth your body and relax your mind. The luxury of a spa and resort in your own backyard.

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