How to Solve the Most Common Hot Tub Problems

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on August 29, 2012 in Lifestyle

What feels better than crystal clear water in your Thermospas hot tub? As with every gadget the hot tub user also faces problems. Here are a few tips for troubleshooting the most common hot tub problems so can have the best experience with your spa:

Cloudy water

This is caused by low chlorine levels in your hot tub. Also another major cause is the buildup of soil in the hot tub. This problem can be solved adding a water clarifier. The water clarifier when added needs to be circulated for at least 30 minutes after which the clean filter is cleaned when the water has become clear. Other solutions are you can test for the PH level or totally change the water in your tab. This should make your hot tub clearer.

Colored water

This is caused by the presence of iron or copper in the water and a high alkalinity due to a low PH level. The solution to this is testing the alkalinity and adjusting if necessary and adding of a scale remover will also aid in this problem.

Deposits of calcium

This is another major problem. It is mainly caused by hard water and cases of total alkalinity in cases of excessively low PH levels in the hot tub water. Hot tub troubleshooting is done here by cleaning the shell surface with a non-abrasive cleaner will help remove the deposits while also you can add a scale control chemical. It is very important to keep checking the PH level as this can prevent many major problems that arise.

Skin and eye irritation

Presence of incompatible chemicals in the water in the hot-tub and a low PH level is the cause of this. Also incorrect sanitizer levels and pseudomonas bacteria are a cause of irritations. Solution to this problem is applying disinfection procedures to your hot water tub. Well the most basic solution is to adjust your chlorine levels and check the alkalinity and adjust to the necessary levels.

Bad odor

This is one of the worst problems you can face, an irritating smell coming from your hot tub caused by poor ventilation, chemical overdose, insufficient oxidation and poor cover cleaning. This problem can be solved by cleaning the cover with warm water or a mild soap.

It is important to maintain your hot tub so that these problems can be avoided. If problems are present, they can easily be dealt with. If you have additional questions, please contact customer support:


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