How a Hot Tub Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

hot tub weight loss

on April 22, 2014 in Fitness

At one time or another, everyone considers losing a little weight. Whether its after the holidays, when most have spent too much time at the dessert table, or right before summer to fit into that swimsuit you’ve been eyeing all spring, we all could afford to lose a few pounds one time or another. While there’s many ways to lose those few extra pounds including a healthier diet, running, swimming, and aerobics, many don’t realize that a hot tub can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Seems crazy right? Everything that comes with weight loss seems to deal with sacrifice, pain, and hard work. And that’s exactly how it helps. When most people think about the ways they need to change, or the routines they need to set for losing weight, they tend to stress out. You need to wake up earlier every day to run three miles, then you can’t eat your favorite breakfast of two eggs and bacon. You need to walk up the stairs instead of taking the escalator and munch on raw veggies rather than some delicious salty pretzels for lunch. This can stress a person out, make it hard for them to concentrate, and take away the few things they have that help them get through a hard day on the job.

Hot tubs can help you reach your weight loss goal because they are the ultimate stress reducer. And when your body and mind are relaxed and happy, doing those few extra sit ups before bed doesn’t seem so bad. Thinking about taking a long soak after your run makes it okay to go that extra mile. Hot tubs and hydrotherapy help improve your quality of life. When you body feels good, you want to take care of it more, and that will promote the exercise and diet that you need.

Furthermore, hot tubs can actually help reduce your appetite. By soaking in a hot tub for 20 minutes before a meal, you’ll find yourself less hungry. When your body is heated up, it has less need to consume food. As well, you’ll be more interested in drinking plenty of water, which will help fill up your stomach and make you less hungry. This is a simple trick that can help curb your need for a second serving at dinner.

ThermoSpas also offers hot tubs that can not only relax your body and put you in a better mood to want to lose weight, they can actually be used as your workout routine. ThermoSpas Swim and Exercise Spas allow you to get a full body workout in a low impact environment while in a hot tub. Our models The Olympian and Aquacisor both come with attachments for resistance bands that allow you to exercise in a low impact environment.

Or check out our Swim Spa Trainer. Long enough for an adult to fully extend their body, a powerful jet stream creates a consistent currant that allows you to practice any swim stroke you like without the need of a Olympic-sized pool. Burn all the calories you want in the luxury of your backyard. And afterward, when the exercise is over, relax with friends and family while enjoying the rushing bubbles and warm water to sooth your muscles and reduce stress.

As you can see, the hot tub is not just for entertainment. Whether you’re using your hot tub to re-energize your body to motivate yourself to fit in that workout or actually using it to perform your  exercise in, the hot tub is a great tool for reaching your weight loss goals. If you have any more questions about how ThermoSpas’ hot tubs can help you, contact us today, we’d love to help.


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