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on October 1, 2012 in Lifestyle

Thermospas has some of the sexiest hot tubs on the market. In celebration of Fashion Week, we are rounding up the best hot tub accessories to make your hot tub the most fashionable spa on the block!

Fashion Trend #1: Seafoam Blue and Deep Sea Themes

Sea Fashion and Seafoam Blue arrive on the scene as fall gives way to spring!

This season’s designers took a dive into the deep blue and came up with pearlized shell clutches at Chanel, coral embellishments at Alexander McQueen, and shark-tooth necklaces at Givenchy.

The Deap Sea is a trending theme for Fall 2012, so keep your hot tub water sparkling and crystal clean by testing your water and making sure your chemicals are balanced. Clean water will give that cleansing and calming feeling that comes with this trending fall fashion theme of aqua blue sea waters and the new ‘in’ color – Seafoam Blue.

Fashion Trend #2: Bold Color

Spring runways were more colorful than the crowd at a Lady Gaga concert.

Thermospas Hot Tubs offer spectacular interior and exterior lighting effects to add bold color and dazzle to your hot tub. A spinning sparking crystal ball with changing lights, a soothing back-lit waterfall – these colored add-ons paired with sparkling clean water is sure to add some flair to your hot tub. Thermospas is one of the only hot tub manufacturers that has

Fashion Trend #3: Creative Accessories

From floral fetishes to futurism, designers got creative with all the extras.

Accessories are always popular. They can take mundane to magnificent with a few new items. Here are a few products we found around the internet that could add some ‘aha!’ to your spa!

Your hot tub is an accessory to your home. With Thermospas, you can custom design your hot tub to match your personal style and your home decor. Learn more about our custom features here: Thermospas.com

Thermospas Hot Tubs are custom designed to fit your needs and budget. Our Hot Tubs are luxury spas made affordable. Why pay for features you don’t want? Custom build your own Hot Tub today with Thermospas!

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Have you accessorized your hot tub? Let us know how in the comments below!


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