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on September 11, 2012 in Fitness

ThermoSpas has crafted a state-of-the art exercise hot tub called The Aquacisor that is over 4 feet deep, making it the deepest hot tub around! Not only can you relax tired muscles after a workout, you can also use the hot tub for jogging and running. Yes, jogging and running right in the hot tub! Traditional running on pavement and other hard surfaces can cause damage to the knees and can put you at risk for injury. With the Aquacisor exercise hot tub, you can get all the benefits that come with cardiovascular exercise – without damage to your joints.

Water exercise is the most like isokinetic strength-training in that resistance increases as the patient attempts to increase the speed of movement. Resistance changes according to the amount of force the patient generates at every joint angle (and thus at multiple muscle length-tension relationships). Water-based exercise also has the same protective features (the resistance disappears when patient quits pushing) as isokinetic exercise. [Andrea Salzman, MS, PT]

An isokinetic muscle contraction is one in which the muscle contracts and shortens at constant rate of speed. This type of muscle contraction usually requires special, expensive training equipment that increases the load as it senses that the muscle contraction is speeding up. The benefit of this type of resistance training is that the muscle gains strength evenly all through the entire range of movement and it is one of the fastest ways to increase muscle strength.

Now you don’t need complicated training equipment to get the benefits of this type of strength training. ThermoSpas has built a hot tub that is both for relaxation, health, and water exercise.

You can also row and weight lift with special bands that connect right to the Aquacisor – impact free! This hot tub was designed with help from an orthopedic surgeon as well as an occupational therapist so you can do any number of exercises, including physical therapy, within the hot tub in an underwater environment to improve your health.


Like to swim too? ThermoSpas also offers the Swim Spa, which is for both entertainment and fitness. The Swim Spa can fit up to 12 people.  You could have a hot tub party in the middle of the winter! Besides entertainment, you can maintain your cardiovascular exercise all year round despite the weather. With the cold temperatures ahead, the ability to maintain your fitness regimen becomes challenging. Even more reason to invest in a hot tub this year!



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