The Ultimate Color Guide for Designing Your Outdoor Hot Tub Oasis


ultimate color guide for hot tub oasis ft

Outdoor spaces are dedicated to simple pleasures like grilling steaks, hanging out with the family, sharing some drinks with friends, and long leisurely soaks in your hot tub.

A well designed outdoor space can improve your deck or patio in several ways. It creates a seamless transition from the outside to the inside, providing easy access to key areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

It reaches out to the surrounding landscape; whether you live in the country surrounded by woodlands and meadows, or you seek privacy and shelter in a busy city.

The best designs harmonize all these elements with the house’s design. Whether your style is rustic or traditional, using the right color scheme can make a world of difference.

Whether you already own a ThermoSpas hot tub, or you are trying to choose the right shell colors to match your home decor, our handy color guide will inspire and guide you through planning an outdoor space that will be blooming in color, no matter the season.

1. Choose your mood

Decide first what mood you want to project. Think about how you will be using the space the most. Will it be with your family, spouse, or mostly entertaining? What time of day will you be using the hot tub and outdoor area?

If you hot tub after work and have parties on the weekend that go into the night – you may want to take that into account when choosing your mood and colors.

Choosing the right color scheme can help you set the mood. Adding elements like water (with your hot tub,) fire, and lighting can enhance the setting.

How color affects mood:

  • Green: Nature and life. Stimulates
  • Blue: Calming and promotes
  • Gold: Wealth, luxury, desire.
  • White: Cleanliness, purity.
  • Pink: Young, joyful, feminine, romantic.
  • Beige: Balancing and unifying.
  • Brown: Earthy and comfortable.
  • Red: Stimulating, increases
    appetite, and raises blood pressure.

2. Choose your personal style:

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home and a reflection of your personality. Since a well designed outdoor living area should compliment your living space, think about what design style best fits you based on:

  • The style of home you have: Coastal, traditional colonial, country cottage, modern, city dwelling, southern?
  • If you live in a wooded, country area, a mountainous region, a dry desert oasis, or if you are looking for a modern city escape.
  • How you will be using the space the most. For romance, entertaining, family?
  • What is most reflective of your personal style. Are you whimsical, traditional, or outdoorsy? Do you like country style or city style?

Coastal Cottage

The colors in this theme give a seaside, “life’s a beach” feel. This palette reminds us of softly colored seashells, ocean pebbles, and the light blue elements of sea and sky.

For a more tropical feel, add indigo blue, terra cotta, pinks and greens; and for a hint of romance, add pastel pinks and blues.

Colors: Earthy browns inspired by the sand and stones. Cool ocean blues and dune grass greens.

Suggested shell color: Ocean Wave, Desert Stone, Copper Beach, Silver Marble

Modern and Traditional

If you have an historic home, or you are a true traditionalist, you will like the look and feel of historical color combinations that pair well with a historic home and antique furniture.

For an updated look, the popular trend is to mix old, traditional styles with modern touches.

The palette of traditional blues and slate grays accented with some saturated colors like deep red, give a peaceful and easy feeling of comfort and tradition.

Color theme: Traditional blues, antique reds, neutral and comforting shades of gray and beige.

Suggested shell color: Black Opal, Desert Stone

Refined Rustic

If you’re looking for that natural, rustic southwestern, or country look; you’ll love the earthy, bright and cheerful hues of the rustic color palette. Think desert adobe, mountain cabin, stucco walls and earthy tones.

If you have a cabin in the woods, this is the perfect look for you. This look can easily be turned into a more romantic design theme. This look relies on personal touch and warm hues.

Color theme: Rich browns, earthy reds, natural greens and blues of the sky with the harvest colors of gold.

Suggested shell color: Desert Stone, Copper Beach, Black Opal

3. Choose your color palette

When choosing your colors, a good rule of thumb is to create a balance of 70-20-10. The main color should take up 70% of the space, the second color should cover 20% (your furniture, accents, shades) and 10% should be taken up by small accessories like candles, artwork, lighting.

How to combine colors:

  • Monochromatic: This theme starts with a single color then tints and shades of that color are incorporated into the design.
  • Analogous: Two colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. They offer just enough color to spice up a space but they still manage to pair nicely together. Imagine red
    tints with clusters of orange and yellows.
  • Complementary: Colors opposite from each other on the color wheel. Makes a bold statement.
  • Triad: Three colors that are of equal distance on the color wheel; such as green, purple and orange. This makes for a colorful, yet balanced color scheme.

4. Choose your hot tub shell color

Once you’ve chosen your design style, it’s time to have fun and put together your color palette!

Tip: Neutral colors unify contrasting palettes. Warm neutrals include brown, tan, and gold. Cool neutrals include whites, silvers, lavender and gray.

If you choose a neutral hot tub shell color like Copper Beach, or Desert Stone, you can add hits of stronger colors like reds, bright blues, and purples.

Starting off with blue tones like Ocean Wave or Blue Stone, choose complementary colors that pair well with blue shades.

ThermoSpas offers a wide range of shell colors that will complement any design:

Copper Beach and Desert Stone by ThermoSpas

Style: Traditional, Coastal, or Rustic

Black Opal by ThermoSpas

Style: Coastal, Traditional, or Rustic

Ocean Wave and Blue Stone by ThermoSpas

5. Pulling it all together

After choosing your style, color palette, and hot tub shell color, you are ready to plan out your layout and accessorize.

If you still haven’t ordered your hot tub, head over to our design page where you can choose the size of your hot tub, it’s features, and most importantly – the shell color for
your new outdoor space design theme!

If you already have a ThermoSpas, it’s time to think about accessorizing. Take your chosen colors, and head over to the ThermoSpas Pinterest page for design ideas on lighting, furniture, outdoor kitchens, shading options, deck and patio layouts, gardening, and even party ideas.

Once you’re finished, we’d love to see your masterpiece, so share it with the ThermoSpas community on our Facebook page.


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