The Olympian



We are proud ⁤to introduce the Olympian, the ⁢first spa of its kind, engineered with groundbreaking features that redefine comfort and customization in hot tub experiences.

At ThermoSpas, we’ve taken the innovation a notch higher by integrating ‌a⁣ patented, vertically adjustable seat that not ‍only enhances comfort but also delivers a 360-degree range of massage options.

The ⁣Height of Customization

The ability to adjust the height of the spa seat makes the Olympian suitable for users of all statures, ⁢ensuring that everyone can‌ enjoy a spa experience tailored precisely to their needs. This feature accommodates aquatic therapy preferences, making it an excellent choice for personalized ‌wellness⁢ routines.

Total Control Therapy

One of the standout⁣ features of the Olympian is the renowned⁤ Total⁢ Control Therapy (TCT) technology. This sophisticated mechanism allows each user to regulate the intensity of their massage jets⁣ independently, without interfering with the ⁢experience ⁤of other users in the hot tub. TCT technology ⁤offers a significant advantage ⁣by ensuring​ every seat in the⁣ hot tub can be customized for individual comfort.

Versatile Massage⁤ Directions

The⁣ versatile positioning is nothing short of revolutionary; users facing forward can relish a robust ​back massage, or they can rotate 180 ‍degrees to target other muscle groups. Those in need of more specialized attention can turn 90 ‌degrees to focus on their obliques. The jet system is highly adjustable ⁢too, capable of targeting varied ⁤areas like knees, backs,⁣ and chests.

Fitness and Fun: A Dual Delight

As ‍part of ThermoSpas’ Fitness Series, the Olympian not only maintains your health ‍but also⁢ turns exercise ​into ‌a fun‌ activity. Equipped ⁣with accessories⁤ for resistance bands and a rowing attachment, the spa provides tools needed for a low-impact workout that ⁢tones and strengthens the ‌upper body. Both young ‍and old​ can⁤ benefit from this feature,‍ adjusting ‍the equipment for varied resistance ‌levels.

Perfect for Entertainment and Family ⁤Gatherings

The Olympian isn’t ‍just about personal fitness and therapy; it’s also designed for entertainment and family enjoyment. The adjustable‍ seat ⁤can be easily removed to transform the spa into a spacious area perfect for gatherings, complete with two elegantly designed seating areas outfitted with built-in pillows, a raised child seat, and a generous foot well.

Luxurious Features‍ and Design

Every aspect of the⁤ Olympian‍ spa speaks volumes about luxury. The spa includes sophisticated cabinetry and soundproofed operations that ensure a tranquil spa experience. Its energy efficiency marks not only savings but also a commitment to environmental sustainability. ⁢Other luxurious enhancements include padded seating, elegant pillows, and a durable Corian ⁢surface integrated along the top coping.

Advanced Additional Options

The ⁤Olympian also offers optional features such as an air bubbling system, ⁤deluxe lighting, a state-of-the-art sound​ system, and ThermoSpas’ patented ThermOzone sanitization system.‍ These options⁣ provide an ​extra⁢ layer⁤ of comfort and convenience, ⁤setting this spa apart ⁢in the marketplace.

The Vision Behind The ‌Olympian

At ThermoSpas, we aim to provide spa ⁣experiences ⁤that not only cater⁢ to the​ relaxation but also enhance the ​overall quality of ⁤life through therapeutic and leisure features. The Olympian⁣ represents a significant leap in our journey toward innovation, offering⁣ a ​customizable, luxurious spa that suits⁣ a⁢ wide array of preferences​ and needs.


In summary, ​the‌ Olympian by ThermoSpas is more than just⁢ a hot tub; it’s a multi-functional spa⁣ that promises relaxation, therapy, and fun⁣ all ‍packed into one sophisticated product. Whether it’s ‍unwinding after a long‍ day, engaging in a low-impact workout, or⁤ hosting a relaxing evening with loved ones, the Olympian stands ready to enhance‌ any lifestyle with ‌its superior design and unmatched ‍functionality.

Enhance your home with the Olympian and⁢ transform‌ your daily routine into an‍ indulgent ‌escape that rejuvenates your ⁢body and revitalizes your mind. Dive‌ into‍ a world⁢ of customization, luxury,‌ and ​comfort with ThermoSpas. Embrace‌ an unparalleled ‍spa experience every day – right in the comfort of your ⁢backyard.


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