How To Properly Drain Your Hot Tub


how to properly drain your hot tub

Maintaining your hot‍ tub involves periodic​ draining to ⁣ensure it remains ​clean, efficient, and a healthy environment for relaxation. Draining and refilling ‌your⁣ hot tub are recommended roughly every three to‌ four ⁤months.

This routine care ⁢allows you to refresh the water—dulled down by chemicals, sunscreen,⁣ bodily oils and other‍ contaminants—and inspect the shell and jets​ for any maintenance needs. Here’s⁣ a detailed guide on how to effectively ‌perform this crucial maintenance task.

Understanding the Importance ‌of Routine Draining

Regularly draining your‍ hot tub isn’t⁢ merely a ​suggestion—it’s essential for optimal spa health and longevity. Over time, water ⁤in your ⁤hot tub accumulates Total​ Dissolved Solids (TDS), ⁣such as body ‍oils, cosmetics, and⁣ other ⁤non-organic matter, which can‍ lead to cloudiness⁤ and chemical imbalances. Draining the‌ old water allows you ⁣to‌ cleanse the system, ensuring clean, clear, ​and sanitized⁣ conditions that enhance your​ soaking experience.

Preparation for Draining

Before you ‍begin the draining process, safety ⁤comes first. Ensure ‌that your hot tub’s⁣ circuit breaker is turned off ⁤to⁣ prevent any electrical operations while it ‍is⁢ empty. This is a ⁢critical step to secure both your safety and the integrity of the hot tub system.

Choosing a Drainage Method

You⁢ can opt to use a submersible pump, ⁤which⁤ expedites the drainage process, or a‍ traditional garden hose if a pump isn’t available. Both methods ‌are effective, so ​your‍ choice may depend on availability and personal preference.

Step-by-Step Guide to ‍Draining with a Garden Hose

  • Locate the Hose Spigot: Start by removing the front panel of your hot tub. Find the spigot where you will attach⁣ your hose.
  • Attach and Position⁢ the Hose: ⁢ Secure the hose to the spigot and lead it to ⁢a suitable drain⁣ area. Ideally, extend ⁤the hose to a location where ​water can be responsibly disposed of, such ⁤as a street drain, avoiding flooding in any⁤ undesired areas.
  • Initiate Draining: ⁣Open ⁣the spigot and allow gravity to drain the water.⁣ While this method may ‍take longer than using a pump, ⁢it is just as effective in ⁢clearing ‌out the⁤ water.
  • Remove Remaining Water: After the ⁤bulk of the water has drained, there may be ⁤residual ⁣moisture left. ​Utilize a ‍wet/dry vacuum or​ mop to dry the tub​ thoroughly. Ensuring the tub is as dry as possible is crucial for an effective cleaning process.

Cleaning​ Your Hot Tub Post-Draining

With your​ hot tub now ​empty and dry, seize the⁢ opportunity to give ​it a deep‌ clean:

  • Clean⁣ the Shell: Use a⁣ multi-purpose cleaner to scrub the ⁣shell’s surface, targeting debris and potential mildew. Focus on jets and ‌hard-to-reach areas where impurities can accumulate.
  • Apply a Protective Coating: After cleaning, applying a product like ⁤ ThermoGloss can enhance​ the shell’s shine‍ and add⁢ a protective⁢ layer ⁢to maintain the surface’s integrity.
  • Care for the‍ Filters: ⁣While the tub is drained and not operating, it’s an ideal time to check and clean‍ the ‌filters. Depending on their condition, consider soaking them in a dedicated cleaning solution or replacing⁤ them if they show signs⁣ of wear.
  • Inspect and Clean Other Components: Check ‍the tub’s cabinetry and ​cover,‌ using this‌ time to wash⁣ and treat them as ‌needed. Inspecting for leaks or ‍other maintenance issues during this state of emptiness ⁢is ⁣easier and can prevent future problems.

Refilling Your Hot Tub

Once the cleaning ​is completed, detach the hose, securely‌ close​ the hose spigot, and‌ begin ⁢to refill your hot tub with ⁤fresh water. Ensure that you⁢ do not ⁤turn ‌on the circuit until the hot tub is⁣ back to its operational water ⁤level to avoid any damage or safety hazards.

Enjoy Your Refreshed Hot ⁢Tub

Draining and ‌refilling your hot tub might seem‌ like a cumbersome task, but with the right tools and⁢ knowledge, it can be straightforward and rewarding.‍ Regular maintenance like ⁤this not only​ extends the life of your hot tub​ but also enhances your ⁤experience with cleaner, clearer‍ water⁤ that’s inviting ‍and safe⁣ for every soak..

For more specialized products that can assist ⁢you in maintaining the pristine condition of your hot tub, explore options like those found ​on ThermoSpa’s cleaning⁣ product page. Enjoy ⁤the⁣ peace ‍of‌ mind that ​comes with a well-maintained ⁤spa and make the most of your relaxation time.

If you ever ⁤have any more questions‌ about how often to drain your ‌hot tub or other maintenance inquiries,⁤ feel free to reach out to us at ThermoSpas. We’re always here‌ to support your⁢ hot tub needs.


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