The Prices Were Amazing For What You Get in a Spa!


The prices were amazing for what you get in spa from this company, and the shipping was very quick on
our ThermoSpas hot tub!! I am writing to voice my outstanding pleasure and enjoyment that our
ThermoSpas has given us.  Our outstanding experience started from the moment the sales
representative showed up at our home. She was very informative and friendly through the entire
buying process. She was able to adequately inspect the projected sight for the spa and make any
recommendations needed for delivery day. She listened to all of our needs and most importantly was
not pushy or tried to upsell any feature that was not asked about.

Our ThermoSpas hot tub was everything we were wanting in a spa and much, much more!! I cannot imagine
my home now without my ThermoSpas. I get into every night before bed. It is AMAZING to help me sleep
better and more relaxed at night.

**EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!** Throughout the build process the customer service over the phone was
also very knowledgeable and was able to answer any electrical questions that came into question. If
we thought of anything they either had the answer or were able to give us a direct number to ask
someone in the field.

Wow! I look forward to doing business with this company for a very long time! As a business owner
myself, I realize the importance of word-of-mouth and testimonials, and therefore have no problem
highly endorsing this company.

– Stephen and Michelle


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