Jim and Lynette Share Their Thermospas Hot Tub Installation Experience


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For many prospective hot tub owners, the‌ journey from deciding on the perfect ⁤model to enjoying the first relaxing soak can seem a little daunting. Fortunately, with companies like Thermospas, the process is streamlined and stress-free.

In⁢ this‌ article, we dive into the details of a real-life Thermospas installation experience shared by Jim and Lynette, providing you with an insider ‍view of each step.

Choosing the ⁣Right Model: The Concord 4-5 Person Spa

When Jim and Lynette⁣ decided to enhance their outdoor living space ​with ‌a hot tub, they chose the Thermospas Concord model, designed for 4-5 people. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to blend compact ‍design with the capacity for occasional guests.

The Delivery ⁣Process Explained

The delivery of the hot tub⁢ is a crucial part of the installation process. Thermospas ensures that each ⁣delivery is handled with utmost ⁢care. For Jim and Lynette, their hot tub ‍arrived securely on a flatbed truck, emphasizing that the company upholds its promise of delivering products ‌safely and efficiently.

Navigating Installation on the Patio

Upon arrival, skilled technicians used a heavy-duty dolly to maneuver the ⁢900 lb. spa through⁢ Jim and Lynette’s gate carefully, ensuring no damage to the property.‍ The installation team is trained to handle such weights smoothly, which is a significant⁤ relief for many homeowners worried about this part of the process.

Site⁢ Preparation and Spa Positioning

Before placing the spa, the team‍ conducted a home site inspection, a complimentary service ⁤from Thermospas. This step is vital as it ensures⁤ that the hot tub fits perfectly in the designated area with sufficient clearance around its sides for maintenance access.‌ They ⁤even shimmed one side of the spa to guarantee level ​placement—a small but critical detail.

Getting Familiar with Your New Hot Tub

Post-placement,‍ the learning phase begins. Jim and Lynette describe removing the side panels of the ‍tub to‍ access ⁤the internal components, including the motor and pumps. This step is essential for understanding the basic maintenance⁣ tasks they would need to perform in the future.

Understanding the Mechanical ‍Components

Thermospas’ specialist⁣ took the time⁣ to‌ explain the ⁢functions of different parts within ⁤the ‍hot tub. Knowing where ‌each component is located and what it does ⁢can significantly simplify the maintenance routine for Jim and Lynette. The panels were designed to be easily removable,​ requiring⁢ only a few screws to be undone.

Maintenance and Care Guidance

Hot tub maintenance is key to the longevity of any hot tub. The specialist from Thermospas explained the‍ chemical treatment needed to keep the⁤ water⁣ clean and safe.⁣ He​ also demonstrated how to replace filters and check the water, like the ⁤pH levels, crucial for keeping the spa environment balanced and comfortable.

The First Fill-Up and Initial Soak

Filled with 300 gallons of water, Jim and Lynette’s new spa was ready for ‌its first test. Although eager to ​jump in right away, they waited ‍to let the water warm up—though it was tempting to hop into the slightly chilly water!

Enjoying the Thermospas‌ Experience

Despite the cold initial dip, the experience was worth the wait. It marked the ⁤beginning of many days of relaxation and comfort, elevated by the luxury‍ of their new hot‌ tub.

Conclusion: Transforming Outdoor Spaces ⁢with Thermospas

Jim and Lynette’s journey⁣ from selecting ‌a hot tub model to enjoying their ⁢first soak illustrates the ease and​ excitement that ⁣comes with a Thermospas installation. ​Each step is guided by professionals who ensure the spa is delivered, installed, and maintained correctly—guaranteeing a seamless transition to luxurious relaxation.

For more ⁢details on different models and installation processes, or‌ to share your ‌own experience, visit Jim and Lynette’s Thermospas⁤ Installation Experience or explore‌ resources at Thermospas. Embrace the luxury of a Thermospas hot⁣ tub and transform your outdoor living into a haven of relaxation.


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