Hot Tubs in Wild and Crazy Places


hot tub wild crazy locations

We love hearing about all of the wild places people decide to put their hot tubs. While we encourage our customers to install their Thermospas Hot Tub close to home, either on a structurally
sound deck or concrete pad, where the soothing water and massaging jets can release the stress of your day, some people want more of an adventure when jumping into their hot tub.

Here’s a few of the wildest places we’ve seen people use their hot tub.

The New Gueuroz Bridge Hot Tub

Twenty-five local adventure-seekers in Switzerland suspended their hot tub from the New Gueuroz Bridge. While planning, construction, and set-up took over 2,500 hours to plan, the group
only spent about 2.5 hours suspended almost 500 ft above the ground.

The participants rappelled 150 ft down from the bridge to the platform to receive some well-deserved relaxation. If it were any of the Thermospas team on that platform, we know we’d definitely need a soak to calm our nerves.

Mount Blanc Summit

The same people that decided to suspend a hot tub from the New Gueuroz Bridge Hot Tub decided to up the game and made the 15,771 feet climb to the top of Mount Blanc in the Alps and build a hot tub at the top of the peak. The entire system of water, jets, heating, and shell, all had to be carried to the top of the peak by the participants.

Each climber had over 45 pounds of weight on their back as they made the climb by night. 20 people made the summit that night and enjoyed the warm bubblings of the hot tub as the sun rose. For more photos and recap, visit the team’s blog.

Mini Cooper Barbie Edition Hot Tub Limo

Looking for the way to surprise your daughter and her friends, or maybe your own inner child, and want to experience a little hot tub fun while traveling? Pretty precise specifics, but if this sounds like you, look no further than the Mini Cooper Barbie Edition Hot Tub Limo. Not only will your eyes be overloaded with pink, they’ll be amazed at the wild look for this Mini Cooper. Stretched to fit six passengers, the best part about the limo is, of course, the hot tub.

In the back of the limo, just above the four wheels, a two person hot tub is perfect for dipping in before heading to your destination. Though it may not be the most ideal spot to relieve muscle tension, it’s definitely a hot tub that comes with a good, and funny, story.

The HotTug

Another wildly interesting hot tub is the HotTug, a wood-fired hot tub that floats in water, say a river or lake. So while you’re drifting in a body of water, you can be sitting in a separate tub of water that’s heated by a wood-fire stove. Created by Frank de Bruijin, a sculptor, he began making furniture as a way to earn money while pursuing his more artistic visions.

The HotTug is just one of many interesting inventions that de Bruijin has created. The wood-fire stove is able to heat up the Hot Tug’s water up to 100 degrees in less than a few hours. Once it’s in the water, only a small rim separates you from the outer body of water, giving you the feeling of being one with the water. Though it may not be the most practical hot tub you’ve ever seen, it sure does look like fun.

Treehouse Hot Tub

Here’s one of our favorite hot tub spots, in a tree! The Cabane & Spa treehouse is meant for partners on a relaxing and romantic weekend together.

Stationed in Montauban, an area in the southern region of France, the treehouse is just over 12 feet above the ground and built from fine cedar. The only thing that beats the beauty of this treehouse is the views you can see from its lookouts.

But who can think about that when a raging hot tub is just feet away from your bed? Made for two people, the hot tub is made from cedar as well and is perfect for releasing the stress of a hard year. It may be a bit pricey to rent, but definitely worth the visit if you love relaxing in a hot tub that’s in one wild spot.

While these are quite the interesting locations for a hot tub, we suggest sticking with the comfort of home on a back patio where your hot tub can be easily maintained and used. No need to climb a mountain just for a relaxing experience. Call ThermoSpas today for a free quote on your very own hot tub.


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