Hot Tub Time Machine – ThermoSpas history of the hot tub and spa revolution


Hot mineral springs have been sought out for centuries for their healing powers. Ancient cultures thought the hot waters were formed by powerful spirits.

But it is in fact volcanic activity that plays a role in the creating of warm springs. In this video, Kate Crosby provides an overview of the history of hot tubs, past, present and future.

0:56 — Brief history on the healing benefits of warm water For centuries, people from the four corners of the globe have enjoyed soaking in hot water. In ancient Greece, elaborate structures were built around warm water springs. They were often the center of social activities, a place to meet and seek serenity. Philosopher’s early writings tell us that the therapeutic benefits of hot water were valued and well understood.

02:30 — Today’s hot tubs in the United States, Europe and the globe Its relaxation, stress relief, and plain fun (healthy ingredients for any lifestyle) that are the reasons for the hot tub phenomenon. Today, there are more than five million hot tubs in operation with 450,000 being sold each year in the United States.

03:00 — A look at the hot tubs of today (a requirement for anyone looking to transform their backyard into a luxury destination)

03:40 — Interview with Jim Preston, Director of Production & Engineering, ThermoSpas ThermoSpas conducted a series of focus groups to determine why more people aren’t owners of hot tubs. The focus groups yielded six reasons why people are hesitant to purchase a hot tub. Jim also reviews the technology behind ThermoSpas hot tub designs.

07:05 — How ThermoSpas manufactures its hot tubs

08:35 — Selecting the right ThermoSpas hot tub for you and understanding the technology behind it. Jim Preston discusses some of the specifics behind ThermoSpas patented technology, including installing laminate into the hot tub. 3 times more fiberglass is used than most competitive brands.

10:10 – What is viton seal?

10:29 — What about service of your ThermoSpas hot tub?

11:09 — The cost of operating a ThermoSpas hot tub

12:50 – Can the average person afford a ThermoSpas hot tub? A discussion with Sue Bishop, International Sales & Marketing Director, ThermoSpas

15:18 — The significance of jets in your hot tub and the different reasons why people purchase a custom-made hot tub

16:50 — ThermoSpas unique bubbling system

17:15 — Required space to install a ThermoSpas hot tub

17:50 — ThermoSpas custom-make hot tub furniture, cabinets, tv cabinet, deluxe sound system, LED light system, cigar, remote control

19:22 — How does ThermoSpas deliver, install, and service their hot tubs?

20:22 — The future of the hot tub — combination of swim spa, hot tub, swimming pool and exercising machine

22:32 — How can a customer be sure they will use their hot tub to justify the cost of buying one?

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