Thermospa Healing Spa – The First Arthritis Hot Tub


thermospas healing spa

About The Healing Spa

The Healing Spa was designed for Arthritis sufferers in collaboration with Thermospas and the Arthritis Foundation. The Healing Spa was the very first hot tub that specifically addressed the needs of people with Arthritis symptoms.

Specially designed warm water therapy jets target joints commonly affected by arthritis, as well as a unique hot tub design that is easy for people with limited mobility to use.

The prestigious ‘Ease of Use’ Commendation was awarded to the Thermopa Healing Spa, the very first hot tub to receive the award (a Foundation program encouraging the development of products that allow for ease of use by everyone, including people with arthritis who may have pain and limited movement).

Birth of The Healing Spa

We knew that our Thermospas were extremely beneficial to people with arthritis from the hundreds of letters we received from our customers suffering everything from lower back pain to tennis elbow. Our existing models did not earn us the ‘Ease of Use’ Commendation; we were pretty surprised about the Arthritis Foundation’s review of our hot tubs.

Our team went back to the drawing board and – with the valuable insight of the Foundation, medical professionals and people with arthritis – created The Healing Spa.

Thermospas Healing Spa marked the first time the Arthritis Foundation provided extensive input into the development of a product from the ground level.

The Arthritis Foundation coordinated a focus group, consisting of people with varying degrees and types of arthritis and medical professionals, who worked with the Thermospas engineering department to create an entirely new, one-of-a-kind hot tub that provided massaging warm water therapy and was easy to use.

Thermospas engineering group started from the beginning by developing a completely new, entirely different mild to accommodate special therapy seats and new, powerful jets. From there, the engineers re-crafted everything from the filter system to the knobs to the staircase to accommodate the needs of people with limited mobility.

We were really impressed with how open to our suggestions the Thermospas team was. They wanted to create the best spa, not just for people with Arthritis, but for anyone who wanted warm water therapy – and they succeeded.

Dr. Doreen Stiskal, PT, who headed up the Arthritis Foundation focus group helping to design the Healing Spa.

Thermospas & The Arthritis Foundation – A Perfect Match

“We believe the relationship between Thermospas and the Arthritis foundation sets a new precedence for
business alliances with non-profit health organizations. Thermospas is the first manufacturer to seek
guidance from the Arthritis Foundation to create a product that will benefit people with arthritis being
both easy to use and soothing on stiff joints. By using direct input from people with arthritis and
healthcare professionals, Thermospas is helping to imprive the quality of those affected and helping the
Arthritis Foundation achieve its mission.”

Denis Bowman, Senior ice President, Marketing and Communication, of the Arthritis Foundation.



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