Family Hot Tub Games


family hot tub games

Spending time with your family in the hot tub can be fun for all, especially when you combine your hot tub with family game night: simple games that children and adults of all ages can play. There
are plenty of delightfully fun games to play, or you can easily think of some of your own. Here are our recommendations for great games to play with your family in the hot tub.

Waterproof Cards

To start the night off, invest in a deck of waterproof cards. This is a simple way for everyone to relax in the warm bubbles of the hot and enjoy the rushing jets while spending time with others. Waterproof cards are perfect for simple games of poker, or employ a small floating tray that can hold cards for games like gin rummy or Texas Hold’em.

There are also waterproof UNO cards as well for families with younger children. Just as you would with your playing cards, use a floating tray that can collect the UNO cards. Just make sure no one tips it over.

Battle Ducks

You’ll need two floating rubber ducks for this game. The object is to make your duck touch one of the opposing team’s players before their duck touches one of yours. Start by splitting the hot tub up into two even teams. Then give each team a duck. When the game starts, each team should place their duck in the water.

With only the use of jets and air, try to get your duck to cross the water and touch one of the other players. This game is a lot harder than it sounds. Of course, the more you understand the power and aiming ability of your jets, the easier it becomes.


As mentioned in adult hot tub games, and taken from Pierre Audet’s Hot Tub Games, this is an exciting game for children and adults. You’ll need at least two plastic cups for this game.

Start by placing one of the cups in the water. Fill it with enough water so the bottom of the cup is emerged in water and the top is facing upward. Pass the other cup around the hot tub, each taking turns adding a small gulp of water to the cup. The object is to not let the cup sink when adding the water into it. Whoever sinks the cup, loses, and the game continues until there is one player left.


You’ll need at least five ping pong balls for this game. The object of the game is to be the last in the hot tub without a ping pong ball touching you.

Start the game with everyone in their seats, then toss one ping pong ball into the water. You must avoid the ping pong ball and not let it touch you. You can move around, but your feet must stay emerged in the water. As the minutes pass, add more ping pong balls to the mix. If a ball does touch you, you must sit outside the tub until their is a winner.

Four fun games for your family to try next time you’re in the hot tub. We love to play these games with our children and friends. And they’re great games to play if you’re throwing your children a hot tub party. Just remember to stay safe and keep an eye on your kids if they’re playing alone.

For any more questions about great games to play in the hot tub, contact ThermoSpas today, we love to help.


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