Entertaining Guests During a Hot Tub Party


hot tub party guests

One of the best reasons to invest in a Thermospas Hot Tub is for the ability to entertain your friends. When entertaining guests at your hot tub party, you’re going to want to follow a few basic guidelines and tips to make sure that everyone is happy, safe, and having a great time. Here’s our guide to entertaining.

The Prep

When planning to have a hot tub party, you’ll first want to create a guest list of friends that, first, enjoy hot tubs, but as get along and won’t feel uncomfortable around each other. Although most people don’t have trouble wearing a bathing suit in front of friends, if you mix too many strangers together, they might become shy.

Secondly, don’t over-invite. Nothing is worse than a hot tub party that can’t accommodate all of your guests. Make sure to invite enough people to fit in the hot tub. However, if you do invite more guests than hot tub seats, invite just a few extra friends so no one is stuck outside the hot tub all by themselves.

The night before your party, you’ll want to make sure your hot tub is clean and clear. Filter your water as usual, and give the hot tub a quick run with the jets to move the water.  Just before the party, add some spa scents to make the water have a calming aroma.

An hour before, set up candles around the hot tub and leading toward the inside of your house. Make sure people can see their way around as slippery floors are hazardous enough.

Of course, you don’t want to make the ambience too romantic for a party, so if your hot tub has LED lighting inside, make sure its functional and ready to groove. If you don’t have LED lighting, think about investing in a simple LED floating light show. They’re inexpensive and make a big difference when setting the mood for a hot tub party.

The Basics

To set up for a hot tub party that day, make sure to have an abundant supply of dry towels. Make sure there’s at least one for each guest if not more. Chances are, most guests will take several
dips into the hot tub and want to dry off multiple times. If that’s the case, some guests will lose their towel by the end of the night and need a new one.

While you should advise every guest to bring their own swimsuits, it’s always a good idea to have a few extra suits handy for unexpected guests or the forgetful ones.

Depending on the location of the hot tub, try to make sure there’s an area to allow guests to clean their feet before stepping in. Nothing’s worse than floating grass and debris in your tub. Have a
small foot bath next to the hot tub for people to wash their feet off. If possible, supply dry slippers for your guests to walk around in when out of the tub.

Set your hot tub’s temperature a little lower than usual, around 100 degrees. Although this might be cooler than what you’re used, it will help guests to be able to hop into the tub right away,
and stay longer than a usual soak. With so many friends hopping in an out of the tub and fun times happening around them, they won’t notice a slightly cooler tub.

The Amenities

Start with drinks. Always make sure there is plenty of water and sugar-free fruit drinks for your guests. Encourage your guests to drink water every hour to keep them from becoming dehydrated.

You can also supply your party with soda and alcohol if you so choose. If that’s the case, make sure your friends are cautious around the hot tub when getting in and out. Make sure your friends avoid over-drinking. A sloppy friend is never a fun friend. Continue to encourage guests to drink water between their sugary or alcoholic drink as those kinds of drinks tend to dehydrate you even more.

Avoid using glassware, instead opt for plastic. Nothing ruins a hot tub party like broken glass in or around the hot tub. Save yourself the disaster and get some safe plastic cups.

Make sure to supply a good round of snacks. Either have a tray of finger foods, chips, and other appetizers, or get your barbecue grill going and cook up some hamburgers and hot dogs for your
friends. Believe it or not, relaxing in a hot tub with friends can make you quite hungry!

The Good Times

Make sure to have a good mix of relaxing and lively music. A hot tub party does not mean it’s the club, so keep the music calm yet don’t hesitate to have a little fun with a playlist. Try to set up
a playlist of music that lasts a good amount of time, at least the amount of hours you’re hoping the party will run. That way, songs don’t repeat and you don’t have to worry about finding new music halfway through the night.

If you’re having a party with a small amount of friends, consider adding a few games to the mix. A round of Truth or Dare can always become a fun and hilarious time when in a hot tub, but also
consider a deck of waterproof playing cards or even a floating board game.

Last, let them see the jets! While you may not need to run the massaging jets throughout the entire party. Give your guests a taste of how relaxing your Thermospas hot tub really is. All of our hot
tubs have excellent massage therapy jets for the legs, knees, back, arms, and neck. Your guests will fall into a serene state of relaxation once those jets are activated, so maybe wait until the end of the party, when things are winding down. However, be careful, if you let them experience those jets for too long, they may never leave!



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