Creating a Hot Tub Cleaning Schedule and Routine



Starting a Hot Tub Cleaning Routine can seem tough, there’s a lot of things to remember and do to make your hot tub function correctly and stay sanitized. However, if you set a consistent schedule for yourself, keeping your hot tub in top condition is a lot easier than you may think.

When setting a schedule for hot tub cleaning and maintenance, the most important thing to remember is to stick to it. Set times that you know you’ll be available to check the hot tub and clean it. Keeping that same routine week in and week out will guarantee that your hot tub stays clean and makes, what seems overwhelming, extremely simple.

While each hot tub’s maintenance and cleaning depends on the kind of hot tub you own and the chemicals you use to sanitize, here is a general list of activities that must be performed and best suggestions of when to do them.

Daily Maintenance:

Here are the actions you should take everyday to help guarantee your Thermospas hot tub is in top condition.

  • Be sure the spa cover is tied down and in its place. Spa covers can easily get bumped or pushed to the side. When your hot tub water is exposed, you have much more risk of
    contaminating the water which in turn results in a lot more issues and work for you. Checking the cover everyday to ensure your water is protected will help keep the rest of your maintenance run smoothly.
  • Check spa temperature. At times of non-use, each hot tub user can choose to keep their water temperature to their preference. However, it’s wise to keep an eye on the temperature to
    make sure it doesn’t drop dramatically, which may signal malfunction.
  • Look for signs of external damage that could cause maintenance issues and malfunction.
  • Remove foreign objects or debris that may have fallen inside the hot tub or around.

With daily maintenance. Choose a time of day that you can spend 5 minutes at your hot tub. This can be in the morning when you wake up, or at night before you go to bed. If your hot tub is outside and the weather can get cold, consider checking the hot tub in the middle of the day when it’s warmest. That way, you have less reluctance to check the tub if it’s dark and cold outside. Make sure to always make a visual check of your hot tub before you use it as well.

Two to Three Times a Week:

It’s wise to check sanitizer levels about two to three times a week depending on the rotation of days. Checking the sanitizer levels can result in needing to adjust the levels, so two to three times
a week you should give yourself about 30 minutes of free time to focus on the hot tub’s levels. It’s not a wise idea to check the levels while you’re walking out the door or right before bed because if there is an issue, you need to take care of it pretty quickly. Try to find a time that is stress free and easy to manage if there are issues.

Once a Week:

  • Add metal sequestering chemicals and enzymes. Both of these solutions help keep your hot tub’s water fresh and sanitized. They need to be added every week to keep your water at a
    consistent levels. Skipping weeks can cause the water’s levels to change dramatically making it much harder to keep your water sanitized.
  • Shock Spa. Shocking a spa means to bring the sanitizer level up so high that breakpoint chlorination is reached. When breakpoint is reached, the hot tub’s water is 100%
  • Clean the shell above the water line with ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner. This will guarantee the debris from the shell does not contaminate the water. ThermoSpas’ All Purpose Cleaner also does not alter the water’s chemistry which helps keep water levels consistent.

Each of these duties takes a little time. It often helps to spread out the duties between days. So, every time you check your sanitizer levels, perform one of these tasks. That way, your work doesn’t seem overwhelming.

One to Three Weeks:

  • Check and clean spa filters. You’ll want to clean your hot tub filters depending on the usage of your hot tub. If you seem to be using it often, you’ll want to check the filters once a
    week. If more rare usage, you can wait three weeks.

This is a hard one to schedule because it really depends on your usage. Luckily it’s not hard to pull out your filter when checking and testing your hot tub throughout the week. If you purchase an additional filter, you can pull one out and place a clean one into the hot tub to give you more time to clean the filter.


  • Condition your spa cover. Covers can take a beating from harsh weather and continuous use. Using ThermoSpas Cover Conditioner, this is a great way to make sure your cover will
    last for years to come.
  • Clean the Cabinet. Especially if you like your cabinet to look as new as the first day you installed your ThermoSpas Hot Tub, hose it off once a month after conditioning your cover.

Try to set your monthly duties to the beginning of the month. Every first weekend, or even on the first. That way you won’t forget and can be sure that you’re on time.

Three to Four Months:

  • Drain and refill your hot tub. Depending on usage, drain your hot tub and use ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner to scrub the interior shell and  jets. This will ensure your hot tub
    looks sparking new and that the water in the hot tub is able to stay as fresh and clean as possible.

Though it may be hard to keep a solid routine for cleaning and maintaining your ThermoSpas hot tub, we highly recommend it. It’s easier to keep chemical levels of the water steady and the hot tub itself looking brand new. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact ThermoSpas today.


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