Cold & Flu Season: Should I Use A Hot Tub When I’m Sick?



When you’re hit by​ the unpleasant sensations of body aches and⁤ a blocked nose during cold and flu season, you might think of medications as your go-to remedy. However, don’t overlook the therapeutic benefits of a⁣ hot tub.‌ Immersing yourself in⁣ the soothing embrace ⁣of warm water with effective jets could⁣ be just what you‍ need to ease your symptoms.

Just ​remember to ⁤keep hydrated, maintain a ‍clean tub, and limit your sessions ‌to 20 minutes at a time. Let’s explore how the ‌tranquil waters of a hot tub can offer you comfort and relief from cold and flu symptoms.

The Therapeutic Effects of Warm Vapor

Just as a bowl of steaming water can‍ help relieve nasal congestion when​ you’re​ young,‌ a hot tub can provide ​similar benefits‍ with an added layer ⁤of relaxation. As you recline in the‌ hot tub, the warm ⁤vapor gently helps in clearing your nasal ⁣passages and⁤ throat, making ‍it‍ easier for you to breathe.⁤ To keep things tidy, always have a towel or a handkerchief within reach for when you need to ‍blow‌ your nose.

Natural Pain Relief through Hydrotherapy

The discomforts of congestion, coughs, ⁢and fatigue ⁤are often accompanied by persistent⁢ headaches and body⁣ aches during ⁣a bout of the flu or cold. Before you opt for over-the-counter relief, consider the natural alleviation a hot tub can offer. Immersing in its heated waters, ⁤you benefit from buoyancy and massage, which ease your discomfort immediately.

Look into using systems like the⁢ ThermoSpas® Total Control Therapy⁤ System to focus on particularly‍ sore spots ​with targeted hydrotherapy jets.‌ This ‍method helps​ relax⁢ tense muscles, enhances circulation, and expands blood vessels, soothing⁢ away pain effortlessly.

Enhancing Sleep Quality

Although falling ill can disrupt your sleeping ‍patterns, ⁢rest is crucial for‍ recovery.⁣ Soaking in ‌a hot tub⁣ before bed can transition you​ into a deep state ⁣of relaxation‌ that’s conducive to sleep. This type of relaxation prior to bedtime not only helps you fall asleep quicker but also enhances the overall quality​ of ‍your sleep.

Reducing Stress ⁢During‍ Illness

Stress can weaken your immune response, making you more susceptible to viruses. According‍ to research highlighted by‍ CNN, an immune system less‌ responsive to cortisol—a ​stress hormone—is ‌more likely ⁤to succumb to colds when‍ exposed to viruses. Chronic stress also contributes to uncontrolled inflammation, which worsens cold symptoms.

Fortunately,​ the⁢ stress-reducing benefits of a hot tub are immense, thanks to the endorphin-releasing warm water massage it offers.‍ The release of these natural painkillers and mood ‍boosters, coupled with the reduction ⁤in⁤ stress hormones,​ are ⁢noted by institutions like ‌ University of‍ Maryland‌ Medical Center ‍and ⁤supported⁢ by findings ⁢from The American Cancer Society.

We encourage anyone suffering from the flu ⁤or cold this winter ⁢to consider the natural⁢ relief ⁤that‍ hot⁤ tub ‍therapy offers. Remember to stay hydrated,⁢ clean your ⁢hot tub regularly,⁢ and limit your soak time to ensure optimal health ⁣and ‌safety. Should ‌you⁢ have further inquiries about the health benefits of hot⁢ tubs, feel free to reach ⁢out to‍ us anytime.

Note: This information‍ is ‌not intended as medical ​advice. Always consult with‍ a qualified medical‍ professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

We hope ⁢this guide ⁢underlines the soothing benefits of using‌ a hot⁣ tub during a cold or flu. Using ​the ⁢therapeutic properties of hydrotherapy can help you ⁣manage your symptoms ⁤and possibly reduce the duration and severity of ⁢your illness. Stay warm, stay relaxed, and‌ get well soon!


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