ThermoSpas hot tub and spa lighting effects — safety features designed to improve your life

Heidi, ThermoSpas representative, discusses the ThermoSpas hot tub and spa customizable lighting features. Heidi begins with the Islander model. This particular model feature lighting inside of the hot tub down in the wells

The Islander also features unique spinning crystal balls which add color and fun to your hot tub. The lighting changes colors and does so in cycles. There are eight different color settings that you can choose from, selecting them individually, or set them to cycle between all of the different colors continuously. It creates ambience, giving you hot tub a touch of elegance, while also adding an element of safety. ThermoSpas is the only manufacturer of hot tubs and spas to offer a lighted LED rail underneath the outside of the hot tub, which acts as an effective safety feature for getting in and out of your hot tub safely.

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