Full Body massage: ThermoSpas WaveLounge hot tub and spa, featuring customized water jets

0:05 — Heidi, ThermoSpas representative discusses the ThermoSpas ultimate WaveLounge hot tub (the Manhattan model).

The ThermoSpas WaveLounge hot tub is designed to give the user a full-body massage, from head to toe, starting with pillow massagers, which target your neck and shoulders. Then a powerful sheet of jets that work on your shoulders and back, working your way down to massage your legs, thighs, knees, calves, all the way down to your feet. A whirlpool jet towards the front offers additional power for massage and relaxation.

0:58 — Heidi explains her favorite feature of the WaveLounge hot tub (Dolphin model) is the two-person WaveLounge. It is an extremely spacious hot tub for two individuals and provides a full massage from neck to toe. It is easily controlled with the control panel located on the person’s left shoulder-side.

01:19 — The Dolphin two-person WaveLounge hot tub also features a very special hidden neck pillow massage. You can control any one of the jets individually by turning them on or off. Another feature available is the stainless steel finish on each of the jets and they are all customizable.

You can learn more about the benefits of heat therapy, and how hot tub use tends to stimulate general feelings comfort and relaxation by visiting spine-health:

To learn more about customizable water jets and the WaveLounge hot tub, please visit:

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