5 Incredible Ways to Travel in a Hot Tub


5 ways to travel in a hot tub

If you’ve always wanted to take your hot tub with you on the road (or in the sky), read on. Earlier this year, we wrote about hot tubs in wild and crazy places.

But this week, we are focusing in on five incredible ways to travel while soaking in a hot tub. Some very creative people have come up with great ways to get around while relaxing in a spa. Let’s take a look at them now.

The Hot Tub Bus

If you’ve ever been to England, you know that double-decker busses are extremely popular. But what you probably don’t know is that one of these double-deckers features hot tubs. Bathing Under the Sky created a bus with wood-fired hot tubs and a dry finish sauna on the top deck, and gas-heated showers on the lower deck.

We here at ThermoSpas think that there is no better way to explore the UK than sitting in the warm waters of a hot tub.

Limos with Hot Tubs

Get to where you need to be in style while soaking in warm water. Limos across the nation feature hot tubs and bars, allowing you to have a hot tub party on the road wherever you are.

Or, if you prefer, you can make your traveling time a romantic one with champagne and a soothing dip in the spa. Whatever your plans are, limos with hot tubs are sure to impress. Check out Nationwide Limousine Service’s hot tub offerings here.

Hot Tub Boats

Traveling in a hot tub doesn’t have to be limited to the road. A small group of experienced and creative shipwrights in Seattle created the first ever hot tub boats for ocean travelers to
enjoy. With the sound of the sea surrounding you and the slow rocking of your boat, you are sure to slip into a deep state of relaxation in no time. You can rent one of these hot tub boats here.

Hot Tug

Another seafaring option, Hot Tug allows you to enjoy the hydrotherapeutic benefits of a hot tub in the beautiful waters of nature. You can quietly glide along waters with a built-in electric
motor, turn the engine off and bob in the water or get tugged along by another boat.

Hot Tug is one of many unique inventions from Dutch designer Frank de Brujin. He is dedicated to creating functional and quirky products and furniture that challenge what is available in the current market. If you’re in Europe any time soon, you can rent hot tugs at several locations, or you can buy your own to take wherever you wish!

Hot Tubs in the Sky

You can even hang out in a hot tub up in the clouds. CNBC reported that many lucky people who have luxury private jets are filling their personal planes with hot tubs for a bubbling and restful time in the sky. Sounds like the best way to fly to us.

As you can see, traveling in a hot tub is an exciting and special opportunity. But there truly is nothing like having your own personal hot tub in your home. Check out ThermoSpas customizable hot tubs to find the perfect spa for you. You will never have to go to end the day without enjoying the soothing jetted waters of a hot tub ever again.



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