Unexpected Relief

It was no April Fool’s Joke when we ordered our ThermoSpa tub on April 1, 1997. Since our purchase those years ago, spending time in the ThermoSpa has become part of our weekly schedule. Initially, we would just exclaim ohh and ahh every time we stepped into the warm, swirling water. Then when my husband injured his leg, the ThermoSpa provided real relief to the muscles and joints of his sore leg. After working in the yard or extending exercising just a bit, a session in the ThermoSpa restores our energy, relaxes those tired muscles and soothes aching joints. Many times during cold winter afternoons we grab our books, get in the ThermoSpa and enjoy our private spa and let the snow blow and winter winds howl outside. Thank you ThermoSpa, Jane M. Calkins

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