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Exclusive Total Control Therapy by ThermoSpas

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You’re seated in your hot tub with two friends. One needs a powerful therapeutic massage to relieve the pain of a nagging back injury. The other requires a mild relaxing massage to soothe the stress of a rough day at the office. You just want to soak in the quiet, still water and experience a form of relaxing meditation. Only ThermoSpas offers Total Control Therapy® (TCT) which allows each person to turn the jets in their seat on or off – without disturbing anyone else!

How does Total Control Therapy® work?

Multiple Pumps - While other spa manufacturers use only one or two hot tub pumps to control all of their jets, ThermoSpas offers multiple spa pumps – as many as six in a single hot tub. This way, each bather can control an individual seating area.

Throttle Control Valve

Throttle Control Valve - This unique patent-pending design allows each bather to adjust the intensity of an entire seating area from a mild tingling sensation to a powerful jet action, or anywhere in between. This unique valve offers an infinite amount of diversity, allowing each bather to find a perfect massage.

Variable Air Control - We offer the only patented air control valve that lets you adjust how much air you mix into the water jets. This allows you to control the intensity of your massage. No other hot tubs offer anything close to this hot tub technology.

Patented Pillow Jets - At the push of a button, a stream of water soothes neck and shoulder tension. An independent valve even allows the bather to control the intensity. The result is a perfect neck massage each and every time