Swim Spas and Exercise Spas

Swim Spas and Exercise Spas

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Swim and Exercise in Swim Spas


Physical therapists, physicians, and customer focus groups all contributed to the design of our Exercise Spas and Swim Spas to provide the features, quality, and convenience that users want and need most. The result is a complete exercise center for swimming, walking, jogging in place, rowing, and working on both upper and lower body strength. Swimming is proven to be the most effective and safest way to stay in shape. But, why just swim when you can exercise, relax, or entertain, every day of the year.

Entertain in 12 person hot tub


Our Swim Spas and Exercise hot tubs are the ultimate home product for entertainment, relaxation, or simply a private escape from the outside world. Swim Spas can fit up to 12 people comfortably and our Aquacisor can fit up to 7. For hot tub fans, our Spa Trainer and Aquacisor the opposite end is a luxurious hot tub with bench seats, a central control center, and deep therapy seats for water massage. These features provide the same unique, patented technology that ThermoSpas is famous for. All of this is built in to provide the same warm water massage and Total Control Therapy that is available only in ThermoSpas hot tubs.

Relax in Deep Therapy Seats


No ordinary Swim Spa or Lap Pool provides the stress relief of the swim spas. Our Spa Trainer and Aquacisor feature two dedicated therapy seats have built-in pillow jets and adjustable controls for customizable therapy and comfort. A wide assortment of therapy jets help stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemical. Each therapy is individually controlled with ThermoSpas patented Throttle Control Valve. One seat features ThermoSpas’ unique Wave Massage. A series of jets provides a continuous cycle from your neck all the way down to your feet. You can even pause for a more penetrating, longer massage anywhere along the way.

Three Hot Tubs In One Package – Exercise Spa, Hydrotherapy Spa & Entertainment Spa

The Olympian


Adjustable seat and attachments for resistance bands allow you to exercise in a low impact environment. Exercise just became fun.


The only spa seat where you can face in any direction and target therapy jets anywhere (knees, back, chest, etc). Convenient valves allow you to control the intensity of the massage.


Elegant cabinetry, Deluxe LED lighting, Stereo/CD Sound System, Automatic Water Purifier, Virtually Maintenance Free, Energy Efficiency, and Quiet Operation are just a few of the reasons the Olympian is the ultimate Luxury Hot Tub.

The World’s Deepest Hot Tub is both a luxury spa and an underwater resistance training machine

Aquacisor Exercise Spa and Hot Tub

Swimming is proven to be the most effective and safest way to stay in shape. But, why just swim when you can exercise, relax, or entertain, every day of the year.

The Spa Trainer enables you to swim, jog, or, with an optional attachment, rowyour way to fitness year round. Two dedicated therapy seats, loaded with jets, will provide you with the ultimate massage. A unique interior design accomodates up to twelve adults.

The Spa Trainer is the perfect home entertainment system!