Warm Water Therapy

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Warm Water Therapy in History- ThermoSpas

Origin of Warm Water Therapy

Thermal spas have been used for centuries as an integral part of general health and well being. Throughout the ages, the Greeks, Romans, Japanese, and many other cultures have realized its many benefits to the spirit, mind and body. The healing power of warm water therapy was first used by members of the military, who used it to treat sore muscles and injuries, but this knowledge quickly spread to the general population.

Thermal spas were frequently built near natural volcanic vents, where the water from hot springs was diverted and contained in large public baths. Hot springs were not always available, so spas were built with furnace rooms that were used to heat the water, but only the wealthiest could afford to build and maintain their own private spa.

Today, the ancient thermal spa is re-created in modern hot tub spas that continue to provide many of the same health benefits simply by combining fresh, heated water with the massaging action of powerful jets. The best news is that ThermoSpas makes it possible for everyone to afford their very own private spa.

What is the difference between a Hot Tub and a Spa? 

Hot Tub is a large container filled with hot water for deep soaking, which is something that the Japanese do every night before going to bed. Hot tubs can be heated or unheated, but this requires the tub to be filled with hot water before it is used. In some cases, hot tubs contain a built-in heater to keep the water warm so it is ready to be used at any time.

The term Spa has its roots in ancient Latin, but it is generally used today to describe the addition of jets in hot tubs for massage therapy. Today, the terms Hot Tubs and Spas are often used interchangeably, and you will frequently see the phrase Hot Tub Spa used to indicate that a heater and massage jets are built-in.

The Birth of Hot Tubs & Spas 

The hot tub industry began in the 1960’s. Hot tubs became popular because the industry promoted two things: fun and romance.

The spa industry in the 1980’s saw dramatic changes and soon realized that there were many other reasons to own a hot tub. Personal relaxation and family bonding were the two biggest reasons for its growth. The quality of life spent together was an uplifting improvement from the traditional routine of watching TV.

The spa industry of the 1990’s continued to grow by discovering the added benefits of health and wellness. Through advanced technology and improved products, modern spas provide tremendous health benefits that were originally found in the hot springs of the ancient thermal spas. The medical profession now credits hot tubs in helping patients with many ailments, including arthritis, stress, sleep disorders, diabetes, and muscle and joint pain, to name a few.

Today, more than ever, the industry continues to grow. The hot tub industry envisions spas becoming a permanent fixture in homes everywhere within the next ten years, and ThermoSpas is dedicated to making it affordable for everyone to buy their very own spa.