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Spas Improve your Quality of Life

Family watching TV
Does this look familiar?

Consider the technology found in just about every home today: Cell phones, televisions, tablets and computers. All have something in common. They isolate the members of your family rather than bringing them together. ThermoSpas has come up with a wonderful solution.

Give the family a great get-together place!
Turn just one night a week into “Family Spa Night.” A ThermoSpa is the perfect place to get together and talk, give advice, plan the future, solve a problem, rekindle a relationship, reconnect a family, and get to know loved ones all over again!

There is no denying how relaxing a hot tub can be after a tense day. ThermoSpas has combined the calming sensation of near-weightlessness in warm bubbling water with perfectly designed seating areas so relaxing that bathers feel like they’re away on vacation.

Hot Tub Night with the family is fun!

Customer Comments
“Family Tub Night means no phones, no computers, no distractions. It’s great fun to just sit back and watch the kids.”
- Bill Gambardella, North Haven, CT

“It is also wonderfully gratifying for a parent to watch your children interact in a healthy, playful manner away from video games, TV and the computer.”
- Karen J. Adams