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Hot Tub Fun 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Of all the leisure activities enjoyed for sheer relaxation, how many can be enjoyed at any time, day or night, immediately, without ever leaving home? The answer is practically none!

Hot tubs versus pools and jetted bathtubs.

family having fun in a hot tub by Thermospas

Family Fun Time with ThermoSpas

A recent ThermoSpas survey of pool owners discovered a surprising fact. On average, they only enjoy their pools a few dozen times a year! That’s because pools located in colder parts of the country can’t be enjoyed in the spring, autumn or winter.

Jetted bathtubs are used very infrequently too. They simply take too much time and preparation before they can be used. Every time that you want to use a jetted bathtub you have to fill it up, keep checking its temperature, and then hop in before the water gets too cold. A ThermoSpas hot tub, by contrast, is designed to maintain the temperature set by the user, and it’s always ready and waiting for fun 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Why do people use hot tubs so much more?

Our hot tub survey on usage discovered that ThermoSpas owners have fun in their spas an average of 200 times a year! That’s because ThermoSpas hot tubs are designed to maintain the temperature you set them at, so your ThermoSpas is always ready and waiting for you. Setting the water temperature in a ThermoSpas hot tub is so easy. It adjusts from a refreshing 80° to a comfy 104° so you can beat the summer heat or enjoy the warm water on a brisk night.

While lowering the temperature on a ThermoSpas hot tub helps beat summer’s heat, few moments in life come closer to total perfection than those spent in a ThermoSpas hot tub, surrounded by warm bubbling water on a crisp, cold night gazing up at a starry sky. So let the temperature drop, the sun go down or the seasons change. Slipping into a ThermoSpas hot tub is always a fun and wonderful experience. Stepping out even in winter weather, is a surprising pleasure. The warm water raises body temperature providing comfort as you wrap up in a soft fluffy robe and walk casually back indoors.