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Request Site Inspection

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ThermoSpas is the only hot tub manufacturer with factory-trained technicians throughout the country. A ThermoSpas site inspection with one of our technicians provides professional guidance for hot tub consumers.

A technician can help you determine where to locate your spa (based on usage and efficiency) and the safest and least expensive way to have it installed. He or she will answer questions about electrical installation, offer energy saving tips, provide ideas to reduce costly maintenance and guidance on meeting building code requirements, and even explain the tax benefits of owning a hot tub. They even bring acrylic and cabinet samples to you so you’re certain to pick the perfect colors to complement your home, an impossible task in a showroom or on the internet.

These site inspections are FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE ANYTHING!

Let a ThermoSpas technician help you customize the perfect spa for your family, in accordance with your budget, and provide you with a 60 Day Price Guarantee off our Factory Direct Pricing, not retail.

Each year ThermoSpas provides tens of thousands of free inspections. And although every shopper doesn’t eventually buy a ThermoSpas they doget the next best thing, sound advice.