Hot Tub Care

Winterize your Hot Tub Spa – ThermoSpas

If you do not plan to use your spa during freezing weather, you will have to winterize it. Failure to winterize your spa will cause irreversible damage (in freezing temperatures) to the pump and plumbing lines.

Hot Tub Maintenance and Cleaning – ThermoSpa

Maintenance on your hot tub is easy, requiring only a few moments to keep your spa always ready to enjoy. After the initial balancing of your water, it only needs to be sanitized periodically. To keep your hot tub looking vibrant and new, the following maintenance products make it even easier to clean and maintain your spa.

Hot Tub Water Troubleshooting – ThermoSpas

Most hot tub water chemistry problems can be diagnosed quickly with a simple test strip that is dipped into the water. The following trouble shooting guide will help you determine the cause of the more common hot tub water problems you will encounter, and offers recommended solutions.

Hot Tub Water Care and Treatment – ThermoSpas

Hot tub water chemistry can be simple, but even if you are doing everything right, you may occasionally experience problems with your water – possibly due to your water supply. Don’t worry, you don’t need a certified chemist to keep your water clean and clear. Thermo Spas carries a complete line of hot tub water maintenance chemicals to ensure that your spa’s water can always be perfect… easily.

Hot Tub Water Test Strips – ThermoSpas

No matter which method of sanitization you use, you need to test your hot tub’s water in order to keep it properly balanced. These spa test strips are incredibly accurate and amazingly easy to use. There are no dyes to mess with, and all it takes is 15 seconds to measure the levels in your spa. You just dip the strip into the water and get instant results. With these test strips, you can measure everything from Total Alkalinity and pH levels, to residual levels of Spa Activator, Bromine, and Chlorine.

Hot Tub Chemicals – Sanitizers – ThermoSpas

All hot tubs require chemicals as sanitizers in order to keep the water clean and clear. Sanitizers are chemicals that you add to your spa’s water periodically to kill bacteria and odor. Thermo Spas offers several different methods to chemically sanitize your spa’s water, but the choice is yours, based on the one that works best for your lifestyle and budget.