Maui 2-3 Person Hot Tub

The Maui was engineered to be the most comfortable 3-person hot tub in the world that can still easily pass through a standard exterior door. This compact spa is extremely energy efficient, soundproofed, and offers all of the elegant features of a full sized hot tub. Most importantly each seating area has been masterfully designed to comfortably position both short and very tall bathers deep within the therapeutic waters. The elegantly designed exterior cabinet with perimeter top rail and accent trim mimics the look and feel of fine furniture but requires no maintenance. For anyone seeking a compact spa with a large comfortable lounge and a deep therapy seat, the Maui is your perfect choice.

The Maui is available in 5 acrylic color options and 3 cabinet colors that can be mixed and matched to offer your spa a truly distinctive look.

Arm rests on either side, a built-in cushioned pillow with a hidden jet to massage your neck and shoulders, and array of water jets with a valve that allows you to adjust the intensity provides the perfect relaxing massage. The angular design seating sits you deep within the water and provides ample space to stretch your legs.

The incredible double-wide lounge is long enough to allow a tall bather space to stretch out their feet and wide enough to accommodate a partner room to relax side-by-side and stargaze. This unique seating area can be ordered with ThermoSpas incredible jetted wave action that provides an independent control to activate and pause the massaging jet action at will.

Measurements: Shell size (US): 65”L x 86”W x 33”H
Capacity: 235 gallons

All specifications are subject to change without notice.