Mark Moore

Dear ThermoSpas, I have been a Physical Education teach and coach for over 30 years. Prior to that, I played football and wrestled in both high school and college. On one of my yearly visits to my doctor, he informed me that I had quite a bit of arthritis in most of the joints of my body. He suggested I get a “good spa”, not just a hot tub, to help relieve the pain and stiffness. After much research, my wife Susan and I decided on a ThermoSpas. Mark Moore, our salesperson, showed us all the different models and how we could choose one that best fit my needs. We had the concord model installed in our deck overlooking the beautiful Catskill Mountains in the spring of 1999. I use the spa both morning (around 5:30 am) before going to school and each evening before I go to bed. Susan has taken many photos of me in the spa because she still can’t believe I go into the spa in all kinds of weather. If it rains, I wear a cap, and in the winter I walk through the snow on the deck. It is rare that I miss a day not doing my spa treatment because I know that physically, mentally, and emotionally I feel much better. Thank you, ThermoSpas for making my life much less painful and more relaxing. Sincerely, Thomas C. Kzis

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