Losing Fat Immediately


I've been using the Olympian for two weeks and have already lost a pant size by simply moving my legs or arms for 35 minutes 4 or 5 ningts a week!

Pusing against the water works off 500-600 calories in an hour, like running an 11 minute mile.

With no pain.

So the tub has done exactly what we bought it for. By the holidays, I'll be down to my goal. (Though of course muscle weighs 3 times more tghan fat). But the clothes fitting, and the feeling better tell the real story. :)

I still suggest, however, you have in customer service people who are more patient slow-talking and that you include in your price a service person setting it up with the owner. You'd have more referrals.

Thanks, guys! Smile

Cyndi White

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