Islander 4-5 Person Hot Tub

The Islander is the perfect four person hot tub with each seat having its own unique jet design and a large spacious foot well to allow ample leg room for guests. Each of seating areas provides a slightly different seating depth so as to accommodate bathers of all heights along with varied usage by an individual bather. Plus, the square design makes positioning your spa much easier, since the Islander offers a perfect seat facing in all directions. Each seating area offers at least one built-in illuminated cup holder and the opportunity to convert any one of them to have a water-driven spinning crystal ball that provides an elegant, illuminated, yet subdued light display. The Islander offers a host of standard luxury features and provides the ability to custom design your spa to suit your individual taste and budget.

Optional stainless steel trim rings for aesthetics and two 4” pop up speakers for those seeking to order our deluxe stereo system. There’s no fighting over the best seat in this hot tub, since each one is perfect in a slightly different way.

With wide sweeping armrests, soft textured built-in pillows, and a deep spacious foot well, the Islander is designed to provide complete relaxation and stress relief. A host of different jets and design configurations provides you the choice of four uniquely different jet massage experiences. The only problem with inviting guests over is that sometimes it’s difficult getting them to leave.

Measurements: Shell site (US): 79″L x 79″W x 41″H
Capacity: 325 gallons

All specifications are subject to change without notice.