2 Person Hot Tub Specs

Two Person Hot Tubs

Fully Customizable
Number of pumps -depends on package 1 - 4
Pump Functionsup to 2 water, 1 filtration, 1 air
Number of Jets8 to 51
Jet Typesup to 37 water & 14 air
Main Control Systems 4 options (depends on package)
Electrical Requirements 110V,15A plug in cord
to 220V, 50A hard-wired
(depends on package)
Ozonator or Therm-Ozone Available - all packages
Patented Variable Air Control Availableall packages
Thermo-Filtration System Availableall packages
Titanium Heater Available all packages
Thermo-Blanket Insulation Available all packages
Thermo-Foil Insulation Available all packages
Thermo-Insulation & Soundproofing Available - some packages
Underwater Lighting Available all packages
Lighted Grab Bars Available some packages
Thermo-Board w/Reversible Panels Available - all packages
Western Red Cedar Cabinetry Available all packages
Cabinet w/Removable Walls Standard all packages
Continuous Cast Acrylic Shell Standardall packages
Thermo-Bond Rigidizing Standard all packages
Bubbling System Available some packages
Blower Regulator Valve Available some packages
Built-In Pillows Available - some packages
Covers:1 lb density R-Value 12 Available - some packages
1.5 lb density R-Value 14 Available - some packages
2.5 lb density R-Value 18 Available - all packages
Shell size:79"l x 44"w x 29"d
Overall size: 82"l x 47"w x 31"d
150 usage level
215 full to brim
Weight:Empty: 450 - 500 lbs
Full: 2,235 - 2,285 lbs