Healing Spa Hot Tub

The Healing Spa: Therapy Hot Tub for Arthritis

Today, over 70 million Americans endure chronic arthritis pain. Scores of studies recommend warm water therapy as a key treatment for arthritis joint pain, sore muscles and stiffness. But, until The Healing Spa™, there was never a hot tub with a full line of therapeutic features. As a result, this unique hot tub earned the prestigious Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

The Healing Spa is one of the most versatile spas Thermospas makes. It’s large enough to comfortably accommodate four adults and has a raised seating area for a child. It comes with two deep therapy seats that may be ordered with ThermoSpas Throttle Control Valve (pat. pend.) to fine tune the massage action to exactly the pressure desired. The seats, angled to promote casual conversation, also come with pillow jets for a wonderful neck massage. There’s also a lounge for stretching out to enjoy a back and leg massage. Lighted grab bars and a bubbling system are all standard.

The Healing Spa’s exquisite array of jet massage, seating and bubbling features are complemented with a unique collection of easy to use valve control knobs, filter canisters and entry/exit access to be sure that everyone including those with limited mobility will be able to enjoy all the spa has to offer.

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