Healing Spa Hot Tub Features



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Healing Spa – Therapy Hot Tub Features

The Healing Spa is the only spa to receive the “Ease of Use” Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. Don’t let the name fool you, though it may be designed for ease of use it is also designed for fun and entertainment. A variety of seats and wide array of features has made this the perfect choice for healthy adults of any age.

The Healing Spa Hot Tub Features:

  1. Dual Therapy Seats – include wrap around arm rests, pillows, and contoured back support, each pivoted to provide relaxing conversation and luxurious comfort. The two are differentiated by the depth of seating and the choice of water jets.
  2. Patented Throttle Valves – control the jet intensity of an entire seat without affecting others areas.
  3. Circular Center Shelf – area for drinks and snacks.
  4. Textured Pillows – available with our patented pillow jet technology and LED back lighting – easily removable for cleaning.
  5. Removable Serving Tray – easily reverses to an ice bucket with built-in cup holders.
  6. “Ease of Use” Filters – only filter awarded this commendation by the Arthritis Foundation.
  7. Child’s Therapy Seat – within arm’s reach of parent and wide enough for an adult to cool down.
  8. Raised Center Seating – provides comfort and therapy at mid-level height.
  9. Lighted Grab Bars – provide convenience and safety – available with LED lighting.
  10. Deep Seating Lounge – combination therapy seat and extended lounge offering an incredible foot massage.
  11. Center Bench – with lower back massage jets.
  12. Diverter Valve – controls the intensity of the whirlpool jet and other seating areas.
  13. Wide Top Rail – allows for easier entry and exit.

Additional Hot Tub Features:

  • ThermoFiltration -An independent 40 GPM pump filters the water up to 144 times per/day, 24/7 providing sparkling clear water.
  • ThermoCover – ThermoCover is the industry’s highest rated insulated hard shelter that provides double price efficiency, safety, furthermore longer life.
  • ThermoBond Acrylic Shell – Unbroken Cast Acrylic Shell with ThermoSpas exclusive ThermoBond Laminate comes with vinyl ester resin as well as zero filler.
  • Quality Components – Includes a titanium heater, Viton seal water pumps (w/shut off valves), furthermore ThermoSpas 700 Series Manipulate Panel.
  • Designer Cabinetry - Quality built frames with 2×6 supports, removable/reversible panels as well as elegant top rails in a ballot of 3 colors.
  • ThermoInsulation/Soundproofing – Co-generation heat is developed with massive, 1.5” insulated panels on many of walls along with an insulating / soundproof blanket coveringthe walls furthermore base.
  • Total Control Therapy ® – Ability to independently manipulate numerous seating areas in the hot tub using specialized pumps, furthermore ThermoSpas patented air dominates.
  • Air Bubbling System – Remarkable bubbling System includes automatic sparkling out, warm air induction, soundproofing and the ability to manipulate the intensity. Not reachable on Silver Package models.

(Note: Some of the features listed are only available on select packages. Jets, pumps, controls, and a variety of other features can be customized to suit your needs and your budget.)