5-6 Person Hot Tubs

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ThermoSpas line of fully equipped 5 person spas have been designed to offer the best of both worlds: serious hydrotherapy and completely relaxed social contact. The ThermoSpa 5 person spas provide enough room for you to appreciate it as a comfortable location for everyday conversations or as an exotic spot for special get-togethers.

The Park Ave: Perfect 5 Person Hot Tub

The Park Avenue is often called the perfect full size hot tub. It has double wide, reversible lounge with large, soft, textured pillows on both ends allows bathers to lie side by side or stretch out face to face. At the opposite end of the spa are two perfectly contoured therapy seats, each with wrap-around armrests and built-in pillows. The center of the spa features a deep foot well and a seating area positioned to face one of ThermoSpas powerful whirlpool jets guaranteed to relax the most tired muscles.

Whether it’s personal therapy, a romantic rendezvous, or social entertaining, the Park Avenue is the most versatile and luxurious hot tub made today.

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Dolphin 5 Aquatic Series Person Hot Tub

If Michelangelo designed a spa, the Dolphin would be his masterpiece. Sculptured seating areas and unique jet technology provide comfort and therapy as never before. Patented control valves, hidden pillow jets, a luxurious bubbling system, and incredible stereo sound are all available to provide a perfect spa experience.

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The Chesapeake: Large, Comfortable 5 Person Spa

The large, comfortable size and distinctive seating design of the Chesapeake gives it a unique and broad appeal. It seats five adults for entertaining, but also offers open space for aquatic exercise. Its roomy foot well permits unrestricted movement for water exercises which are enhanced by a powerful whirlpool jet. The wrap around bench in the Chesapeake allows guests to face one another for easy conversation making it ideal for family gatherings. The deep, corner therapy seat offers an exhilarating back and shoulder massage. For personal therapy lie back in the Chesapeake’s extended lounge for the ultimate in seating comfort and warm water therapy.

The sculptured steps make entry and exit convenient, and double as a raised seating area perfect for children or adults seeking an occasional respite from the deep, heated water.