3-4 Person Hot Tubs

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3 person spas are perfect hot tub for a small group or just an intimate retreat alone. These portable spas fit practically anywhere, and conveniently pass through standard doorways to get there. Three person hot tubs also allow for additional spa equipment and comforts like special deep therapy seats, lounge seating wide enough for two, and a grab bar that lights up.

Maui 3 Person Aquatic Series Hot Tub

The Maui was engineered to be the most beautiful hot tub in the world that can easily pass through a standard exterior door. Both seating areas are uniquely designed for comfort along with positioning the user deep within the water. Though compact in size the Maui offers all the features traditionally available in a full size spa. The elegant appearance of the exterior cabinet with perimeter top rail mimics the look and feel of fine furniture but requires no maintenance. All walls and base include a full insulation and soundproofing package making the Maui especially quiet and energy efficient.

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The Avalon: 3-4 Person Intimate Hot Tub

For those interested in causal entertainment for three or an intimate setting for two, the Avalon is the ideal hot tub. While the Avalon’s compact style accommodates three adults, it offers four unique seating areas. The Avalon’s molded interior perfectly positions the body for relaxing therapy. The uniquely designed reversible lounge offers tremendous versatility providing room for two adults to lay side-by-side and enjoy the romantic view of the evening stars or stretch out face-to-face for casual conversation.

Each side is molded to a slightly different elevation, making it perfect no matter what height you may be. There is also a deep soaking therapy seat that provides loads of comfort. The bench seat adjacent to the control panel and ice bucket is slightly elevated, making it the perfect place to have morning coffee or read a book. There’s even a convenient shelf for drinks, snacks or a towel.

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