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Hot Tub Spa Cabinets – The Rich Look of Wood – ThermoSpas

Fine furniture, without the work.

Hot Tubs built like fine furniture

Whether it’s placed indoors or outdoors, a hot tub with a natural wood exterior must be sanded and stained three to four times a year. That’s too much work for most hot tub owners to keep up with – and that’s the reason ThermoSpas uses ThermoBoard.

No warping, fading, sanding or staining.

ThermoBoard isn’t wood. It’s far better. It’s a weatherproof synthetic designed to mimic the rich look and feel of wood without the needed maintenance. It features attractive tongue and groove construction and won’t rot, fade or warp as natural wood panels can. ThermoBoard doesn’t need sanding or staining. It’s more energy efficient than wood, and it simply sprays clean with a garden hose. ThermoBoard is comparable to the material used on quality outdoor furniture.

ThermoSpas offers three stylish ThermoBoard colors, and a natural Western Red Cedar hot tub spa.

  • ThermoBoard is virtually maintenance free – no sanding or staining required. Simply hose off and go.
  • ThermoBoard panels are reversible – DOUBLING the life of your cabinet!
  • ThermoBoard is incredibly strong and durable. It is moisture-resistant, insect-resistant, and most importantly, UV resistant. It won’t warp, rot, fade or shrink.
  • ThermoBoard is 100% knot-free. The color saturates each panel making it consistent and protecting it from nicks and scratches.
  • ThermoBoard comes with a 3-year warranty and is designed to last the life of your spa.

Your choice of colors.

ThermoSpas exteriors, steps, and accessories come in three stylish ThermoBoard colors: American Cherry, Burmese Teak and Nantucket Gray.

ThermoSpas Top Rails are tough and tasteful.
Hot Tub Top Rails

Top rails that are tough and tasteful.

ThermoSpas’ top rails are designed to add a rich profile to serve as bumpers to protect the spas’ acrylic coping.

Many manufacturers eliminate the top rail to save money. Others use wood that requires continual maintenance because of the top rail’s constant exposure to moisture.

All of ThermoSpas top rails are made of specially formulated ThermoBoard that provides the protection and look of quality furniture, so ThermoSpas’ top rails are eye-appealing, tough, and never need maintenance.