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The Best Hot Tub Trade-In Policy – ThermoSpa

The Best Hot Tub Trade-in Policy

Is your current hot tub broken-down? Contact us for a trade-in!

Not everyone chooses a ThermoSpa as their first hot tub, and every year we hear from more and more spa owners who wish they had. That’s why ThermoSpa became the first hot tub manufacturer to accept trade-ins on any competitor’s spa brand, and to supply the best trade-in policy on any ThermoSpa hot tub. We accept more trade-ins of competitive spas than any other hot tub manufacturer in the industry. If you own another hot tub brand but wish you owned a ThermoSpa, please contact us.

For those of you who own a hot tub from another spa manufacturer, and have decided they would prefer to own a ThermoSpa, this trade-in policy eliminates the concern of how to dispose of your old hot tub. So, the new ThermoSpa hot tub can be purchased worry-free.

Once you own a ThermoSpa, our trade-in policy is even better. We understand that hot tub needs may change over the years, and customers may require a different style, size, or just feel like a complete change. Because ThermoSpa hot tubs maintain the best resale value in the industry, every new ThermoSpa owner receives our unrivaled Eight-Year Trade-In Agreement.

If you decide you’d prefer a different ThermoSpa model at any time during your first eight years of ownership, we’ll give you up to 75% of the original price you paid for your hot tub toward a new ThermoSpa. Our trade-in policy recognizes continually changing needs and also caters to the customer who just desires something different years later. It’s an unbeatable policy for growing families, frequent re-locators and ThermoSpa hot tub enthusiasts.