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Best Hot Tub Service and Delivery

Hot tub service tech.

When hot tub shoppers visit nearby retailers, they’re always asked this question: “Why would you buy from Thermo Spas when I can give you service locally?” Here’s why:

1. We have local spa service and delivery teams that know everything about your hot tub.

Everywhere Thermo Spas sells hot tubs, we have permanently stationed, local service and delivery staff. And every member of our nationwide hot tub staff is trained to know everything about our spas.

And don’t forget: before we deliver your spa, we give your home and grounds a free Site Inspection. This helps determine the best spot for your spa and helps avoid technical snags later. 

2. We install it where you want and give you complete instructions.
We don’t just drop off spas in driveways like most local dealers and retailers do. We install your spa exactly where you want it and then we give you complete instructions on how to use it. 

3. Not just local service, better service.
Your local Thermo Spas hot tub service and repair staff is not only punctual, professional and prepared with fully stocked vans, they’re hot tub wizards too! And Thermo Spas Service Representatives are available 52 weeks a year, unlike the reps from most local retail stores that often close in the winter.

Just give us a call. Thermo Spa’s service center is open year-round and has a staff of hot tub pros so knowledgeable that problems are solved right over the phone more than 50% of the time! If a visit from a Service Rep is necessary, our statistics show that they solve the problem on the first visit 90% of the time, right then and there. Most retailers’ service calls not only end with the need to order a part from the manufacturer, they end with you shutting down your spa!

Keeping your hot tub operational 100 percent of the time is an essential part of our commitment to the best customer service. Thermo Spas is dedicated to providing prompt and professional customer satisfaction from the day your hot tub spa arrives, and for many years after.

Customer Comments
“In a world of false hopes and promises it’s wonderful to find a company that means what it says.”
– Robert Ansastasio
East Haven, Connecticut