Hot Tub Shells

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We only use Continuous Cast Acrylic (CCA) for many good reasons!

3 Spa Shell Colors

Our CCA includes UV inhibitors that prevent color fading when exposed to sunlight. The surface of a ThermoSpas shell is smooth and luxurious to the touch, yet durable enough to resist stress cracking and easily withstands temperature changes from minus 50ºF up to 180º F. Other materials commonly used to construct a spa shell; gelcoat, OAS plastic, and inexpensive composite acrylics often fade over time and are susceptible to signs of aging. Those constructed merely of a vinyl liner are easily damaged and often require repair or replacement in a few short years. Plus, CCA is a non-porous material which makes it simple to clean. ThermoSpas shells will look beautiful for generations to
come and require very little maintenance.

The shell is the most important component in a hot tub!

In 2002 ThermoSpas formulated the ThermoBonding process that is used to manufacture every ThermoSpas hot tub. ThermoBond has allowed us to provide an industry-leading 20 Year Warranty. Always remember, pumps, heaters, filters, and other parts can easily be repaired or replaced—the shell cannot.


A checklist found on no other spa:

Specialized Acrylic Forming: State of the art machinery helps assure the uniform thickness and consistent quality of every shell.
Fiberglass Matting: Very high fiberglass content matting is placed along the coping and other hard to reach areas. This helps prevent air bubbles from forming that could lead to defects and provides added structural integrity in key areas.
Vinyl Ester Resin Coat: A layer of this bonding agent forms a strong seal between the resin and acrylic, and provides lasting adhesion that won’t blister or delaminate over time.
Fiberglass Resin Composite: Our proprietary ThermoBond resin allows for more fiberglass content. This provides structural integrity and superior strength, making our shells stronger than the industry standard.

Consistent Quality and Green Technology

A unique digital application program is used to monitor the thickness and resin/fiberglass content of each shell, guaranteeing optimum consistency and weight. Every shell is built with an unprecedented weight variance tolerance of less than 4% compared to well over 25% by most competitors. This provides high structural integrity and minimizes manufacturing flaws. Our structural shell design eliminates the need to use ozone layer depleting foam for support which helps keep our spas more “earth friendly.”

Shell Process 1 Shell Process 4 Shell Process 2 Shell Process 5
Specialized acrylic forming assures a consistent thickness Fiberglass matting adds structural integrity in critical areas Multiple layers of fiberglass and resin are applied Each layer is hand rolled to eliminate trapped air pockets