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An Ozonator from ThermoSpas is the only one safe for indoor use.

Hot Tub Ozonators from ThermoSpas are the safest and most powerful ozonator water purifier systems in the world. We call our ozonator the Therm-Ozone, and it’s dramatically more effective than any other ozonator available. The result is a virtually maintenance-free, safe and odorless hot tub, letting you spend more time relaxing in your spa and less time worrying about maintenance.

What is Ozone?

Simply put, it’s nature’s “natural” purifier. It not only forms a protective layer in the earth’s atmosphere, shielding us from the sun’s harmful radiation, but it is also effective at killing bacteria and viruses found in water. In fact, ozone is used to sanitize 90 percent of bottled water, and has been used for over 140 years to sanitize municipal drinking water.

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant that can be safely used in spas. More effective than chlorine, ozone creates no harmful by-products – it is a natural process, not a chemical. Ozone not only kills all known bacteria, viruses, cysts, yeasts, mold, mildews and chloramines, it also removes chloramines, improving the smell and taste of the water. Metallic staining and scale build-up are reduced, and color and odor are removed to keep your spa clear and odor-free while oxidizing inorganic substances and volatile organic chemicals, such as lotions and makeup.

What are Ozonators?

Ozonators replicate the way ozone is created in nature to bring the incredible power of ozone to your spa’s water. Ozone not only improves the quality of your hot tub’s water; it also helps chemical sanitizers work more efficiently. One of the major benefits an ozonator provides is a dramatic reduction in your chemical sanitizer use.

In a hot tub, ozone does its job by oxidizing unwanted bacteria and viruses up to 3,000 times quicker than chlorine or bromine. When an ozone (O3 ) molecule collides with a bacteria, the weakly bonded oxygen atom splits off and attaches to the bacteria, killing it instantly. Once this occurs, the ozone molecule becomes oxygen (O2 ) again, so the only by-product of ozone is pure oxygen, and no residue is left behind.

Is Ozone Safe?

Excess ozone gas can irritate the lining of the lungs, because it acts the same way on the cells of your body as it does on bacterial cells. Therefore, it is best to avoid inhaling ozone gas, which can be dangerous, particularly if you have respiratory problems. In some areas, excess ozone levels even cause alerts that warn people to avoid going outside. Recent studies have also determined that there is no safe level of ozone gas exposure. That’s why ThermoSpas has invested so much time and money in engineering an ozonator system that is safe to use indoors.

Why ThermOzone?

It’s the only automatic ozonator with an EPA approved (# 071473-CA-001) built-in de-gasser tank that eliminates ALL offensive and potentially dangerous gases. This makes it safe to use while you’re in your hottub, and it is the only one recommended for indoor hot tub installations.

ThermOzone produces eight times more ozone per hour than other ozonators, and it minimizes the creation of excess “off-gas” by using a Mixing Degas Vessel (MDV) to safely mix ozone into the water. Ozone only disinfects water while it is in contact with it, and the MDV provides an area where the ozone contacts the water for a longer period of time, making it more effective.

If any excess off-gas is produced, ThermOzone eliminates it with a charcoal/carbon canister, safely converting the off-gas back into oxygen. Because ThermOzone eliminates any excess ozone gas, it is perfectly safe to be used on indoor hot tubs.

Hot tubs need to be drained and refilled when the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level is too high. When this happens, the water has become saturated with too many chemicals. When the water is saturated, there is no “room” for the water to effectively use any more chemicals.

Since ThermOzone reduces chemical sanitizer use by 80 to 90 percent, it cuts down the chances of over-saturation. While heavier spa usage will necessitate more chemical use, ThermOzone remains the most easy-to-use, cost-effective, and safe ozonator system in the entire spa industry.

Standard Ozonator Therm-Ozone
Avg Ozone produced per day 450 mg 6000 mg
Reduces Chemicals by Less than 25% More than 90%
Limits frequency of draining No Yes
Helps keep pH balanced No Yes
Need to replace cartridge Annually Every 5 Years
Produces harmful gases Yes No
Produces ozone odor Yes No