Hot Tub Maintenance and Cleaning

Hot Tub Maintenance and Cleaning – Thermo Spa

Hot Tub Maintenance

Maintenance on your hot tub is easy, requiring only a few moments to keep your spa always ready to enjoy. After the initial balancing of your water, it only needs to be sanitized periodically. To keep your hot tub looking vibrant and new, the following maintenance products make it even easier to clean and maintain your spa.


Cleaning Hot Tub Shells
Hot tub scum lines, scale lines, and mineral deposits can build up on shells over time. Thermo Spas recommends cleaning the shell surface each time you drain your spa (once every 3 or 4 months), but it’s a very simple and easy process with these unique products.

First, use Acrylic Brightener to remove any scum lines after draining (you can also use it to clean the shell surface above the water line when the spa is filled). It eliminates mold and mildew odors without bleaching the surface, preventing scum lines from forming. And because it is a natural enzyme, it won’t affect your water’s chemistry.

Then, apply Thermo Gloss to seal the shell’s surface and hide minor scratches. It’s an innovative polish that contains unique reactive silicones which chemically bond to spa surfaces, providing a hard, glossy, durable, protective coating. Thermo Gloss helps to prevent scum lines, and it’s easy to apply without streaking or smearing.

Thermo Spas also offers two great products to make it easy to scrub your hot tub shell. Simply slip on one of these mitts, and in no time you can wipe away all of the dirt and scum, with no worry about scratching your spa’s shell.

Scum Mitt is specifically designed to remove scum lines from spas and pools. It’s ideal for acrylic, vinyl, fiberglass and tile, so you can even use it to clean your shower, bathtub, boat, windows or patio furniture. A large abrasive pad is permanently bonded to its latex mitten for a long-lasting scrubbing mitt.

Mytee Mitt is slightly more abrasive than the Scum Mitt, but it’s just as safe to use on your hot tub shell. Use it with cleaners or just by itself, and it can also be used to remove algae, rust, mold, and mildew easily from tiles, cement and vinyl with less work, in less time. When you’re done, just give it a rinse so you can use it over and over again (it’s machine washable!).


Cleaning Plumbing Lines
This used to be a major chore, but here’s a product specifically designed to automatically clean all of the plumbing lines, jets, and fittings inside your spa! It’s so easy to use! Just add to your water before you drain the tub, run the jets to circulate the cleaner, and then drain your spa as you normally would.

While chemical sanitizers work to keep your hot tub water clean, Jet Line Cleaner dissolves the dirt, soap, and mineral deposits that build up inside the parts of your spa that you can’t see. To prolong the life of your hot tub spa, flush and clean the plumbing lines and fittings every time you drain and refill your spa, or sooner if you notice a film developing around the spa fittings.

You should also flush out the plumbing lines with Jet Line Cleaner any time you change your chemical sanitization methods. This ensures that you remove all conflicting sanitizer residues from inside your spa.

Compatible with all sanitizers, including chlorine, bromine, and ozone.


Cover Cleaning and Protection 
The vinyl cover over your spa can take a real beating, especially if your spa is outside in direct sunlight. These two products put the life back into your vinyl cover so it looks like new!

Cover Conditioner has been formulated exclusively for Thermo Spas to effectively clean, de-scale, and extend the life of your vinyl cover’s surface. Use this heavy-duty conditioner to remove oily residues and to help restore the original luster to your vinyl cover. This concentrated formula contains organic acids, a biodegradable detergent, and a durable silicon shield to clean, protect, and beautify your spa cover all at the same time!

Spa Cover Wipes clean and condition your spa cover in one simple step. Use these pre-moistened towelettes regularly to control mild spills and dirt, and to keep your cover in tip-top shape. With a unique, sturdy quilted design, they deeply clean away dirt and grime while specially formulated UV blockers provide maximum protection from the damaging rays of the sun – extending the life of your spa cover!


Cleaning Thermo Board Cabinets
Cabinets constructed of Thermo Board merely require hosing and wiping down with a clean sponge or rag once or twice a year. No other maintenance is needed!

Natural Wood Cabinets
Cabinets constructed of cedar require washing, sanding and re-staining the natural wood 3-4 times a year. But, to make this operation as easy as possible, Thermo Spas has created Wonder-Var clear varnish.

Wonder-Var is a water-based clear varnish that is recommended for all natural wood cabinets. It applies as a milky liquid and dries to a clear satin finish. Being water-based, it has a very low odor and is non-toxic, non-flammable, and washes up easily with soap and water after use.

WonderVar may be tinted with any universal colorant, normally with the same code as given with most stain charts. Sold in 1 quart containers.


Scum Bugs
To keep your scrubbing duties to a minimum, you just toss these Scum Bugs into your spa’s water and watch them do your work for you! They float on top of the water absorbing surface oils and grime, stopping the formation of scum lines and eliminating the need to scrub the acrylic shell of your hot tub.

Each Scum Bug absorbs 40 times its weight in body oils and suntan lotions. When one side is scummy, just flip it over, and when it is saturated, you can squeeze it out, clean and re-use it. One package contains two foam Scum Bugs.


Please Note
Do not use regular household cleaning products on your hot tub shell. Most have chemicals in them that will alter the water chemistry in your spa, and many have abrasives that will scratch and dull the acrylic shell’s surface. Also, please be sure to read the labels on the products and follow the directions carefully.

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