Hot Tub Insulation

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Hot Tub Insulation – ThermoSpas

Hot Tub Insulation that makes sense!

Over 70% of hot tubs built today are insulated the old fashioned way, with Full Foam. But ThermoSpas has a better way. Here’s why:


Easy access simplifies ThermoSpas Hot Tub Repair.
Finding the problem in a Full Foam Spa could cost you thousands.

Easy access simplifies hot tub repair.

While foam is adequate as an insulator, it causes problems. For example, if a Full Foam Spa develops a leak, its repair is usually an exhausting and expensive task, including finding the location of the leak and chiseling out the foam to begin repairs.

Multiple Layers make ThermoSpas energy efficient!

Three layers for Designer Series Hot Tubs.

ThermoSpas unique Insulated Hot Tub design creates Co-Generated Heat.
Our unique design creates
Co-Generated Heat.

The outer cabinet walls of ThermoSpas Designer Seriers hot tubs are made of easily removable Thermo-Board panels. Behind the Thermo-Board, a polyethylene barrier called Thermo-Blanket, is wrapped around the spa perimeter, which insulates and locks out wind. Next, specially designed high-density, thick insulator panels with a high R-value, called Thermo-Foil are installed. Both of these layers are foil covered to help reflect and lock in the heat radiated from the spa’s pumps and heater.

Two layers for Genesis Series Hot Tubs.

The Thermo-Board cabinet walls of the ThermoSpas Genesis Series Hot Tubs are laminated with a second layer of energy efficient insulating material. For increased efficiency inquire about our optional Polar Package to conserve energy in colder climates.

Co-Generated Heat

While most spa makers expel the heat generated by their hot tubs into your backyard and deliver cold air through their jets, ThermoSpas entraps this heat to use as insulation, and to send through our spa jets.

Our method of insulation is so versatile, it can even be removed to help keep spas in warm climates cool.

Tests by an independent lab proved ThermoSpas’ insulation has better sound-proofing and is much more cost efficient than Full Foam Spas!

Can you hear us now? No? Good.

Tests by an independent lab proved ThermoSpas' insulation is more soundproof and more cost efficient than Full Foam Spas!ThermoSpas’ multiple layers of insulation provide an additional benefit – incredible sound-proofing. Pumps are mounted on thick rubber matting to minimize vibration and air blowers are wrapped in sound deadening material. So all you ever hear is the soothing sound of bubbling water.

ThermoSpas has earned a reputation for having the hot tub industry’s “Quietest Operating Spas.”