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Titanium Heaters that Outlast the Competition by 10 Years

Hot Tub Heaters take a lot of abuse. From the moment a spa is turned on, hot water and sanitizing chemicals are constantly rocketing through the heater. Industry surveys show that heaters are usually the first part of a spa to fail. It’s no surprise, since most heaters are made of stainless steel, which makes them vulnerable to the pitting and corrosion fatigues that lead to problems ranging from heat loss to complete system failure.

That’s why ThermoSpa builds spa heaters stronger, with one of the best and strongest metals known to man – Titanium. A few spa manufacturers use Titanium in their heaters, but they cut costs by making only the heating coil out of this virtually indestructible metal. Thermo-Spas heater, coil and surrounding jacket are all made of Titanium, so the entire heater is immune to chlorine pitting and practically impervious to corrosion and cracking, which is why Thermo-Spas heaters not only last years longer, they are also backed up with a much better warranty. Titanium heaters come standard on our Designer Series models, and are available on all models.


Hot Tub Pumps that outlast the competition

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Hot Tub Pumps that take more punishment. Thermo-Spas pumps were developed exclusively for the rigorous demands of use in hot tubs, and they enjoy the same reputation for durability and reliability as our hot tub heaters. The quality built into each and every hot tub pump ensures that you will enjoy years of trouble free operation.

These hot tub pumps include an expensive high-tech VitonĀ® Seal* between the motor and impeller to help eliminate potential leaks. Viton Seals are used to prevent leakage in the most demanding marine environments, such as oil rigs positioned out in the North Sea. The superior resistance of these seals to corrosive fluids make them an ideal choice for long life and dependable operation under constant use in the harshest conditions.

ThermoSpas pumps also have a much higher capacity water flow than standard pumps, making them far superior for delivering your spa’s water through the filters. This means that your hot tub has crystal clear water that is always ready to use. The high flow capacity of the pump means that it runs cooler, so there is no danger of over-heating your spa in the summer months. Best of all, Thermo-Spa hot tub pumps are whisper quiet because they are rubber mounted to eliminate the potential hum of vibration.

*Viton is a registered trademark of Dupont.

Owner-friendly Disconnect Unions.

Even though Thermo-Spas uses only use the best components, one may eventually fail. For this reason, every component has two easy disconnect hand unions. This means that a service technician (or even the spa’s owner) can replace any pump or heater in a matter of minutes, without ever draining the hot tub spa or using any special tools.

Unique shut off valves let you disconnect and remove equipment, without the laborious procedures other brands demand. All of this attention to detail is just another reason why Thermo-Spa takes so much pride in every hot tub it builds. When you compare hot tubs and their features closely, as you should, you will find more and more reasons why our customers agree that Thermo-Spas is the best hot tub manufacturer in the industry.