Financial Benefits

Hot Tub Financial Benefits

How can a hot tub by ThermoSpas benefit you and your wallet?

ThermoSpa’s hot tubs offer many financial incentives to individuals and home owners such as tax reductions, no increase in property taxes, and an increase in the value of your home.

Tax Reductions/Insurance Compensation

Doctors often prescribe warm water therapy for a variety of ailments, injuries, and chronic pain. Therefore, hot tubs often qualify for tax reductions when purchased under a doctor’s recommendation. For example, the state of Florida voids the state sales tax on spas prescribed by physicians. Additionally, some insurance companies offer payment for spas purchased for injuries that result from workers’ compensation claims (because they know that spas speed the healing process). We work closely with the Arthritis Foundation and our hot tubs are recommended for therapeutic use and may be eligible for tax incentives.

No Increase in Property Taxes

Since ThermoSpa’s hot tubs are portable, and do not require a permanent connection to your home, in most cases your property taxes will not be increased. You can verify this by checking with your local officials prior to the installation of a portable or moveable spa at your home. It is also best to be certain that you do not inadvertently do something during the installation that would increase your property taxes.

Property taxes will usually increase only when permanent fixtures, such as in-ground swimming pools or sun rooms are added to your home. Therefore, your property taxes may increase if you decide to permanently fix a hot tub into a setting, such as submerging it into a deck. It is always best to check with your local building officials before you make plans to build a permanent deck around your portable spa.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Another benefit of owning a hot tub spa is that it increases the value of your home. Most real estate agents acknowledge that homes advertised with a hot tub will generate more inquires and sell quicker than a similar home without a hot tub. ThermoSpas are a definite advantage when it comes time to sell your home, because they enhance the look and feel of your home no matter where they are located. The new owner can always move the spa to a different location on the property after the purchase. Or, you can always take the hot tub with you when you move.

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