Hot Tub Filtration System

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Hot Tub Filtration for Pure Water

Hot Tub filters that clean 100% of your water 144 times a day!

Hot tub filters are an essential part of all spas. They filter out large particles to keep your water pure and clean so your hot tub is always ready to use. Hot tub filters are only part of the filtration process, however, since the spa water must be pumped in an efficient manner to ensure that all of the spas water is thoroughly filtered on a regular basis.

A hot tub filter typically gets water delivered to it in one of two ways: by a Dual Speed Pump or by an Independent Pump. Both have their advantages, but they are out-numbered by the disadvantages.

For example, the Dual Speed Pump method may be inexpensive, but it only activates for two hours, twice a day, making it the least effective way of filtering spa water and maintaining water clarity. These pumps are also quite loud and can cause the water to overheat in the summer.

The Independent Pump is the spa industry’s preferred method and uses a separate independent pump that runs 24/7, but it takes about 1-1/2 hours for the spa’s water to be completely filtered. With this method, the pumps are often prone to overheating or automatic shut-downs that limit filtration time.

That’s why Thermo-Spas introduced our proprietary method of filtering hot tub water: Thermo-Filtration. Using this method, 100% of the water is filtered an average of 144 times per day! Thermo-Spas uses a powerful independent pump that runs so cool it can last up to twice as long as other spa manufacturers’ pumps. This practically eliminates the chance of overheating the water. Plus, the hot tub filters are packaged in an easy to access part of the spa. This design may cost a little more to manufacture, but the result is always clean and healthy water that is ready when you are.

Thermo-Spas filter system uses a 40 gallon per minute, shaft driven pump (nearly six times the size of traditional independent filtration pumps), with replaceable ceramic seals. Thermo-Filtration is also enhanced by the high volume of water delivered through the large 1-1/2 inch diameter plumbing pipes we use to filter the hot tub water faster. Also, an independent jet located near the foot well helps to remove loose debris in the spa water.

Best of all, Thermo-Filtration operates efficiently, without any need for constant service calls, and there is virtually no motor noise, making it one of the quietest spa filtration systems on the market.

Hot Tub filters may be just part of the filtration process, but they are an essential element in all spas. That’s why we spent so much time engineering our Thermo-Filtration system to deliver more water faster, making it the best hot tub filter system in the world!

Tip: Keep an extra set of hot tub filter cartridges on hand. This will help you prolong the life of your spa by allowing ample time for the dirty cartridges to soak in a cleaning solution. It will also enable you to enjoy your spas while the cartridges are going through the cleaning process.