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Hot Tub Covers that Save Energy – ThermoSpas

Hot Tub Covers that Save Money!

The hot tub covers that our engineers have designed are so energy saving that they conserve heat better than any other spa covers available for sale at any price, and that saves you money! It’s a hot tub cover so unique that we had to give it a special name -ThermoCover. It’s insulated with a 4-1/2” core of the best Super-Foam, which is exactly the same insulation used on the Alaskan Pipeline! ThermoCover is strong, durable, and 70% more efficient than other spa manufacturers’ thermal hot tub cover – saving you money!

Hot tub covers from ThermoSpas are also very safe. While industry standards dictate that spa covers must support 175lbs., ThermoCover withstands as much as 550lbs (evenly distributed weight). It also comes with the best warranty in the business.

And because it comes with our tough Cam-Lock strap and spa cover lock system, it is perfect for keeping unsupervised children and uninvited guests out of your hot tub spa.

ThermoCover is insulated with the best Super Foam!
Hot Tub Covers by ThermoSpas – Construction details
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Our hot tub ThermoCover is also custom designed to be very convenient to use. In fact, its handles, cover locks, light weight, and optional cover lifter make it the only spa cover in the world to have earned the prestigious
Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

ThermoCover’s outer skin is made of SpaTechTM vinyl, a lavishly textured vinyl that’s not just tough for indoor and outdoor use – it’s beautiful too. And, it’s available factory-direct in a variety of designer colors as well as being easy to maintain and care for.

Our hot tub covers have been proven to hold in a spa’s energy so well, that not enough heat escapes to even melt an ice cube. Keeping a hot tub ready to use at a moment’s notice means constant heating to maintain a steady temperature. ThermoSpa’s hot tub covers keep your heating costs to an absolute minimum to save you money, and your hot tub is always ready for you to enjoy!